02 September 2009

Let Me Just Put This Out There.

I cook when I feel like it. I clean when I feel like it. I can be moody yes but humans are moody. It's not a strictly female thing. I know dudes who I'm convinced have had at least one period in their lifetime. I have my times where I can be annoying I guess. I have habits that people may not like but that's me.

I have a lot of flaws. A lot. I'm working on them. Kind of. I'm being really contradictory but whatever... I need to ramble right now. I love music. Period. Nearly everything. I can sit around for hours and o nothing but listen to music.

I've fucked up a couple relationships and just like everybody else I've blamed a couple of the other people instead of looking at myself. Shit happens.

I should apologize to Moonlight [who probably doesn't even remember that nick name] now. I mean, I should but I won't right now. There's so much I wanna say. I don't even have a plan for this post actually. I'm just typing. Whatever comes to me is what you see. Fuck it. I was looking at some old stuff a while back and putting the times together. I used to kind of put all of the communication things on Moonlight. Looking back, it was me. The timeline doesn't look good on my part at all. I'm sorry.

Probably doesn't even matter anymore but it helps me. I think.

Mkay. I'll probably be blogging more now. I have a lot to say that I've been keeping inside for whatever reason.

Random. Andre is my favorite blogger. Mmkay, I'm done.