28 August 2009

We Can See Your Halo.

I saw this on a Michael Jackson message board. I've found some amazing things on them recently and some really interesting people from all over the world.

I was gonna wait until Saturday to share this seeing as how that's his birthday but this is beautiful. I recommend actually watching it on YouTube though because it's partially cut off here. Kinda like watching a movie in full screen instead of wide. You don't get the whole thing.

[I didn't even really like this song before]

Best. Tribute. Ever.

03 August 2009

Forever The King | Mixtape.

So, like some people it still hasn't fully hit me that Michael Jackson died. It doesn't seem like he would ever die. Sounds weird but whatever. Anyway, my friend Keena [aka KayCee from The Lupe Fiasco Show] over at She's Not Famous put together the mixtape below. This one was kind of made to let people hear the greatness that is Michael Jackson aside from Billie Jean, Thriller & Beat It. Oh, there's some Jackson 5/Jacksons songs there too. The tracklisting is below.

BTW: There are 50 songs on it. Yes. 50. She did that because he died at 50. 46 main tracks and 4 bonus tracks. Also, the songs do not download in order so it's more of a way for you to catch up on some of what you may have missed.

click HERE to download

1. Don't Know Why I Love You
2. Who's Loving You
3. I Can't Quit Your Love
4. Push Me Away
5. (You Were Made) Especially For Me^
6. The Lady In My Life
7. For All Time (Unreleased Demo)
8. Can You Feel It
9. Never Can Say Goodbye
10. This Place Hotel
11. Show You The Way To Go^
12. I Want To Be Where You Are
13. One More Chance
14. Hum Along and Dance
15. Dancing Machine
16. Music and Me^
17. Enjoy Yourself
18. We Are To Change The World ( From Disney's "Captain EO)
19. Human Nature
20. Monkey Business (Unreleased Track)
21.Someone Put Your Hand Out (Unreleased Track)
22. Destiny^
23. In The Back (Unreleased Track)
24. Rock With You (Single Version)^
25. Trouble (Unreleased Demo)
26. Off The Wall (Single Version)^
27. Butterflies
28. For All Time (Unreleased Track)^
29. Get On The Floor
30. Childhood (Theme From "Free Willy 2")*
31. Heaven Can Wait
32. Ghosts (Extended Version)
33. Tabloid Junkie
34. HIStory (Tony Moran's History Lesson)
35. Unbreakable
36. You Rock My World
37. Love Never Felt So Good (Unreleased Demo)^
38. Smile*
39. Blood On the Dance Floor
40. What You Don't Know
41. Burn This Disco Out
42. Hot Street (Unreleased Demo)
43. Is It Scary
44. If You Don't Love Me (Unreleased Demo)
45. Nite Line (Unreleased Track)^
46. Morphine

Bonus Tracks
1. We Are The World (Demo Version)
2. State of Shock (Demo w/ Freddie Mercury)
3. Jackson 5 Medley (LIVE from the Bad Tour 88')
4. Off The Wall Medley (LIVE from the HIStory Tour 97')

* MJ's personal favorites
^ She's Not Famous Recommended