29 January 2008

So, I'm Starting A List...

This list will consist of things that I would like to receive from you and (maybe you) for Christmas/My Birthday.

My birthday come first...(in November)just so you know.

The first thing on my list is this jacket by Married To The Mob.

It's a little 80's and normally I don't go for stuff like that but I have this weird feeling it'd look really good on me. Seriously. LOL.

The Lupe Fiasco Show

Front row bay-bee!!

Everyone Nose Pharrells Blason line is...

gonna be great.

So is that new N.E.R.D. album.


That was THEE greatest show ever...

Front row. Optimus is the fucking shit, lol. Lupe is thee fucking greatest...

I've said that 20 times between 12 midnight at now..at the least. I think I'd rather just show you than keep talking about it. That will come later though.

When I can figure out why my damn computer isn't recognizing my camera. Stupid shit.

...and so the greatest day of my life ends..

and it ends on a good note. I saw what I am going to start calling the fiasco they call Lupe last night. Started late but greatness ensued. I have a TON of pictures. That will come tomorrow...after TRL.

27 January 2008

23 hours, 55 minutes until I see the fiasco they call Lupe.

26 January 2008

1 Day, 23 Hours, 46 minutes until Thee Show.
2 days, 17 hours, 57 minutes...the countdown until The Show continues.

23 January 2008

Jaco is missing. If you've seen him please contact the missing and exploited ninjas hotline. Or you could just comment and tell me.

22 January 2008

6 Days, 18 Hours, 38 Minutes..

That's how long is left until The Show. The Lupe Fiasco Show. Yep. It's this Monday. At the moment I have two potential candidates for the extra ticket to the show. I'm sure it will be the best concert of that lucky persons life.

I haven't heard anything but goodness about Lupe's live shows. The only negative things I've heard actually are, "I would have loved to hear ___________ live" or "I wish he would have done some songs from his mixtapes". I mean that is how we all fell in love with him right? The mixtapes?

Oh, I have to buy a new camera by the end of the week. That and a new memory card for it. I want to make sure I can document the trip to Virginia with my friend and the concert. My current camera is some straight shit. LOL. That and I may have broken it.

Oh yeaahhhhh. I've decided that from now until the 6:59 p.m. the night of the 28th I will not be allowed to listen to any music by any other artist except for Lupe's. It'll help me sing along loud as hell and rap every word right with him..over the screams of the girls who don't really listen to his music but think he's cute.

You know the ones that only know the words to Superstar, Kick, Push, and maybe I Gotcha. Talk about a coincidence..I Gotcha just came on as I was typing that..

Question. Should I do a Lupe blog for the fun stuff and indirect news? I've been thinking about it and I might do it..

OMG I haven't been to Kanye's blog today. I'll finish this later.

20 January 2008

My 'A Rhyming Ape' shirt came yesterday. Pictures later.

19 January 2008

The mission.

Suze Orman is my idol. I think. I just wanted to get that out because I'm watching Oprah but annnyyywwaaayyyyzzzz...

I have a slight addiction. That addiction would be clothes. I'm still tryna find something to wear for the concert. For some reason I'm in love with this jacket

Click here for more.

So..Jaco & I's mission...okay it's not really Jaco's mission but damnit..he has something to do with it..in a way.

My mission is to open a site/blog/board for Lu. I'm thinking about making it a CRS type thing because I kinda love all of them. 'Ye was my first love. I was infatuated with P. You can say I'm...uhh. I love Lu. A hell of a lot. HUGE fan. Real fandom. Yep I made that up.

Did I mention I was slightly goofy?

I might just have it for Lu..the other two are kind of over my head right now. I'm planning on having the lyrics to Switch, ...And He Gets The Girl, Boss Playa, Twilight Zone, & McFly by Sunday.

Am I pushing it? Yes. But I can do that.

OH!. The Show is coming up. 9 Days 17 hours & 28 minutes to go.

18 January 2008

Okay, so it's a little known fact that i'd rather watch 1 vs. 100 than Deal/No Deal. That's not the point...Oscar The Grouch was on 1v100. WTH!?
Jaco and I are on a mission. Jaco being my wee ninja. We'll let you in on it later.

16 January 2008

Punk ass kids...

Okay so most people know that I've spent at the least $400 on Zunes because it was stolen and I had to buy it again and blah blah blah. So anyway, my sister was home by herself today and one of my brothers little 'friends' rung the door bell. She didn't answer of course so he kept ringing it for a little while and then went around to the back door and kicked it in..to steal some more shit. His ugly ass was the one who stole both of my Zunes [I forgot they were stolen twice but we got the second one back]. But to make a long story short..my sister caught his as coming in the back door..said a quick "what the fuck you think you doing?!' type thing and he got the fuck up outta here.

BUT because he got a big ass scar on his face the police caught his dumb ass in the next neighborhood over.

I've been having a stressful ass week.

But on a lighter note..I've been thinking about doing a blog just for Lupe videos..they seem to entertain me...a lot.

Yes because I am a fan. A FAN..not a groupie. There is a difference and a line between the two but that difference seems to be blurred because of the fact that I'm a female..

that was random but I have my reasons.

15 January 2008

Lupe Fiasco x The Game x R. Kelly??

Most retarded shit ever. LOL. R. Kelly ft. The Game & Lupe..Bingo Night..

14 January 2008

Okay so maybe I am a little goofy...

Because I definately thought this was funny.

Anywho... I know you've probably been like "What the hell does waste not fresh tears mean?" Well since you asked...I'm not gonna tell you right now. LOL. I do stuff like that get used to it. But yeah, I will tell you that it's something I'm working on and that it's Top Secret at the moment because I can't have anybody jockin' the style yahmean. I will also tell you that Waste Not Fresh Tears is only half of a quote I'm deciding to live by..the whole thing is

"Waste Not Fresh Tears On Old Griefs"

I'm planning on making some big moves for myself and I'm kinda/sorta positioning myself at the moment. I have some other personal matters to deal with first but don't yall worry about that.

I will slowly but surely be putting the Waste Not name out there..


[lupe quote]
"Peach fuzz buzz but beard on the verge"
[/lupe quote]

13 January 2008

"she gotta ride the bus now but her gear IS banging, she one of us now" -- Kanye

Okay so I'm now saving up for an apartment and a bed from IKEA. The reasons for my savings change every week BUT.. I also have Lupe concert to go to and I'm tryna be fresh out there.

Here lies the problem.

My sprint bill is due the day before the concert. $94. I need to get my hair done. &55. I want to get my nails and eyebrows done. $48. & now I want a new shirt and 2..maybe 3 pairs of shoes. That's $70, $55, & $49.50 [not in that order]. I want those in the corner there. & These

I feel like they might be too 'I'm not really into skateboarding but that's the cool thing to do now so I'm gonna buy some Vans & DC's and be cool' but damnit I like what I like. I actually like skateboards. I used to try when I was younger. I fucking suck at it though so I decided that the best thing for me to do to avoid killing myself was to stop.

Hey, I have an addiction and I'm working on it.

....it's so hard though.

"Fuck yo i-pod nigga!!"

Today my theme was "keep a wee ninja hangin' and Lupe album bangin'".

& that's exactly what I did. LOL. I couldn't get that song out of my head for shit today. Everytime I looked down at that damn thing Gold Watch played in my head and I saw Lupe doing 'Superstar' on Jimmy Kimmel. I'm good now though.

Now Flashing Lights is stuck in my head. Did I mention Kanye was my first love? My Kanye. Yep. LOL. His blog is thee shit.

Moving on....

I'm still in love with my Zune. Best shit ever [Software included]. 'Fuck yo i-pod nigga!'

Oh yeah, if you haven't heard of Flyleaf..you suck. They're my favorite rock band right now. You should be listening to them.

Moving on once again.. 7-11 is the best for late night munchies. Not a damn thing in there is good for you..not one..go look. I'll wait.

Done? Told you. Well I mean yeah they have those little energy pill things but who goes to 7-11 for that? I say all of that to say this.

DIGORNO MICROWAVE PIZZAS are the shit. That damn thing taste like it was in the over for 20-30 when it was in the microwave for 6. They are genius' over there. I owe them my life.

Oh wait...15 days, 16 hours, and 10 minutes until The Show.

[From now on I'm reffering to the concert as 'The Show'. Capital letters and all].

That is all.

12 January 2008


...aaaannnndddd soooo.

I have my wee ninja. Regular shipping for next day delivery. Gotta love it.

Next I have to get my Tokidoki viynl and my DC's and I'll be good. Broke. But good.

Oh yeah..countdown to LUPE CONCERT!! I have 2 weeks and 2 days left.

I feel a shopping spree coming.