30 July 2008

Untitled [How Does It Feel?]

You ever had a crush on somebody and you thought they didn't notice you so you pretend not to notice them but then you kind of catch them looking at you from a distance and you kind of glance away like you didn't notice?

Yeah, that just happened.

That's kind of a good feeling.

Its kind of weird though.

Road Trip!, Pt. 2

I'm going to Philly again. Yay me.

This time it actually counts as a road trip because no family is going.

Friends, a rental car, and a hotel stay. Should be fun. That's if everything runs smoothly...because you know it never does with me.

I actually don't have the car or the room yet and I'm leaving Friday.

Procrastination? Nope. Not this time.

I actually didn't know if I was going for sure until recently.

My sister found out she couldn't go yesterday. One of my friends who couldn't go at first called to say she could. Another one said she would go. Another one couldn't go and I still have to check on one that has a tendency to BS.

So yeah, thats only two conformations.

But I'm going!

26 July 2008


Time for Plan B.



23 July 2008

Thank Me Later.

The Heart Smashers.

Sorry. This is one of my favorite episodes so this post is kind of for me.

"Sssh-ssshh shhh. Relax" It's funny.

"...also, I have no underpants on"


This episode just came on yesterday. I love this show.

and South Park, and The Simpsons, and..well you get the point.

I'm starting to like Squidbillies. Is that weird?

"I KNEW IT!..."

"...It was all a lie."

Check the Happy Feet reference. Sorry I just watched it for the 50th time yesterday.

So anyway, this post is about Lil Wayne. I hate the 'A Millie' video (just like you). He bit Michael Jackson anyway with the whole video about making a video thing.

I just thought you should know since I'd never seen or heard of this video (that they won't let me embed of course.)

Why is that?

Anyway, I had to watch it like 3 times to see if I could figure out how many stars were in it myself...before they told you everybodys names at the end.

21 July 2008


Okay, so since there have been some misconceptions about me and many assumptions made I thought I should take this time out to just put a few things out there.

Here goes...

I may look a tad younger than I actually am but looks are always deceiving. At least when it comes to me. I may look innocent enough but trust and believe I`m far from it..I mean Im not THAT bad but yeah. Dont underestimate. Im no dummy.

I used to be a tomboy. I had mostly male friends, I dressed kind of like a boy, I rode bikes through the woods with the boys and even tried to play basketball. I suck at it though so you wont catch me doing it ever again.

I still sometimes prefer the company of males. They tend to be more fun and there is always less drama with new male friends than new female friends. Unless of course they`re trying to get with you. Then its just awkward. AND the only time you have drama with males is when females get involved. Im rambling...

Let me see...Oh!...

I love cars and racing. My heart is with import cars though. I can tell what some cars are now at night by the taillights. A couple of them I recognize by the windows, door handles, etc. I used to go to the street races as often as possible...Ive been slipping.

Ill buy jeans and shoes before I actually have anything to go with it and i dress for me not other people. If I don't give a fuck one day or didnt care forwhatever reason you will know.

I have shoes I bought just because I liked them at the moment and still havent worn them.

Same thing with some of my clothes. I have certain things that I love and certain shoes I love that I wear all the time.

My black & white chucks are going to die soon. They arent the regular ones. They have everything on them oversized and I love them.

I dont clean. Let me explain. I clean when I want to clean not when you think I should. If you drop something or leave something somewhere more than likely Im not going to just pick it up for you because then you start to do it all the time because you know Ill just get it for you later.

I get irritated really easily and I can be extremely sarcastic. You may not like me when both of those things hit me at the same time.

I also get bored easily. Depending on the level or the time one (or two...maybe 3) of these things may happen:

x. I will stop talking and just sit there.
x. I will become more talkative than normal.
x. I will laugh at everything.
x. I will become very goofy.
x. I will become fidgety.

You`ve been warned.

Lilo & Stitch: For Mature Audiences Only?

So the other day I was at work and Lilo & Stitch dvd we have was playing on the television in the corner. Im minding my business probably wasting time texting or on the internet on my phone when I hear, "Mommy, what`s this?"

I look down and see a little girl around 5 maybe 6. I wait for Stitch to come back on the screen expecting the girl to go "Oh, its Lilo & Stitch. I love this movie." But that's not what happens.

She asks again and her mother actually goes, "This is the one I wont let you watch" The little girl asked her why and guess what she says...

"Because its too big for you" and turned the little girl around.

Seriously. Seriously?

Its a Disney movie. What the hell?!

I can understand maybe Shrek where they say jack ass and ass and have many sexual refrences and jokes only adults should understand but Lilo & Stitch? Seriously?

I think the lady saw me looking at her crazy so she just smiled at me and walked out.

Really lady?

20 July 2008

Oh, you thought I was joking?

I don`t joke.

Okay, Im lying but you get the point.

I actually got bored one day and took it apart and balled up a piece of paper and put it inside so it looks a lot bigger, lol.

They stopped fucking with it so thats the way it will stay.

19 July 2008

What the hell is this?!

I went to 7-11 to go get a late snack or whatever and I got some hot pockets. I smell one burning so Im wondering why it smells like that because it hadnt even been in a whole minute.

Eventually take it out and see that. I got an empty ass Hot Pocket.

Them niggas got me.

18 July 2008


I think my computer has a virus.

I was just trying to get used to blogging mostly on the computer again...then this happens.

Of course.

17 July 2008


No really. We get a $3 credit everyday at my job so we never actually pay for lunch unless we go over.

Now, I know you're probably thinking that's not a lot of money for lunch but our food is like .50 for fries, .65 for a slice of pizza.

So guess how much this was...go 'head. Guess.

Oh yeah, that's some fancy (good ass) salmon with some kind of sauce stuff on it, lol.

Oh yeah, it was only $2. Drink included.

Soooo that equals $free.99 for me. I actually got mad one day because somebody used my card (i'd lost it before) and I had to pay 1.10 for my whole lunch.

15 July 2008

So I Have This Habit..

I make rubberband balls at work now with any rubberband I can find. I sometimes look for them. It gets kind of boring sometimes one I fold everything and clean up and it gets slow.

So I made a decent sized one and left it in the drawer because I know that even though I love using them other people still might need to use them for what they're made for.

So I figure I'm being nice by leaving the ball in the drawer and not taking it because I know somebody is gonna fuck with it or lose it. If they needed one they can take one off right?

Once before I found it and somebody had taken like 30 bands off of it and left the rest of it.

These bitches are pushing me now. I go to work the other day and find it like this.

They took the whole damn thing apart!

So me being the asshole I am..guess what I'm doing.

Yep. I'm putting that bitch back together.

And I will keep doing it until somebody finally tells me to not put them in a ball. Even then I'll probably still do it anyway just because I don't like them.

Oh, They Sweatin Me!

Remember a while ago when I put that lil laser keyboard thingy up? Guess who had it up recently?


Yeah, it's cool. Yeah, other people can like it. Yes, I know I'm not the only one who goes to ThinkGeek and I know it is very possible that somebody else posted it before me.

They still sweatin' me though, lol.

In other news... I'm sore and I almost ate a whole box of Corn Pops today. No milk. Good shit.

Oh and there's more vital information here.

It Hurts Me, It Hurts You.

It hurts me what you do...but so good...so good...so good...so good...

N*E*R*D - You Know What - N*E*R*D

Okay, I'll explain later..maybe, lol.

13 July 2008

To sum it all up...

My Philly trip. Greatness is ensued.

Corner store chicken wings. Yelling at the screen on Wheel of Fortune. King of Prussia mall. More unnecessary Hello Kitty stuff to feed my addiction. No computers. No cable. Sleeping on the floor (a floor that I`m almost sure has no padding under the carpet.) Sleeping on plastic covered couches and having to peel myself off of them. Seeing my cousins Tyshon & Jenaya (and Tania who doesn't remember me.)

...having my battery on my phone die every 20 minutes because Jenaya wanted to play games and watch the Disney channel and Cartoon Network. Arguing about my taste in music because my Zune was connected to the tv.

Yeah so that was probably the most relaxed I`ve been in a while.

No Home Movies at all this weekend...there`s always next time.

Now I have to explain to my co-workers...excuse me co-stars what was wrong with my mother and why I had to leave work early on Friday.

Hey, it was her idea.

Oh, I have horrible pictures for that too


My cousin Naya...and 2 more Hello Kitty things I didnt need. I wore a Hello Kitty shirt in a Sanrio store and used my Hello Kitty card to buy stuff from there and Hot Topic. Wow.

Please excuse the horrible pictures. I don't think the camera on my phone has flash.

12 July 2008

I`m going to King of Prussia today for some unnecessary spending.


Okay so I think I`m going to the mall tomorrow (technically today). I`m not sure when but since I like posting more when Im out of town then home Ill probably let you know.

I definitely had to lie to get out of work though so I could come. I always miss out on coming every time because I have to work. One of my cousins didnt even remember me but remembered my sister.

That sucks.

11 July 2008

Im finally in Philly. Yep. Im proud of myself. Now I have to find something to do tomorrow. Im sure Ill post again before the night is over tho
Guess where Im going today...finally. You might as well go ahead and buy some new Home Movies dvds now.

10 July 2008

So once again my plans for Philly fell through. Ill explain why in maybe the next post. Maybe I should try again this weekend. Damn.

09 July 2008

I`m lonley.

...or am I just bored?


08 July 2008

Open Your Ears Volume Three.

Since I haven't actually had a full Zune Shuffle post..and I like this one..

Fiona Apple is the truth. Just so you know.

1. M.I.A. x U.R.A.Q.T.
"Now could it be that me and he are tighter than JLo in her jeans? Now could it be that me and he and tighter than R.Kelly in his teens? You fucking with my man and you text him all the time. You might've had him once but I got him all the time."
[I never figured out how that was possible.]

2. Nas x Street Dreams
"Holdin gats wasn't making me fat, snitches on my back. Livin with moms, gettin it on, flushin crack down the toilet two sips from bein alcoholic. Nine hundred ninety nine thou from bein rich but now I'm all for it."

3. Wale x The People

4. Common x The Light
Some niggas recognize the light but they can't handle the glare

"Granted we known each other for some time, it dont take a whole day to recognize sunshine"

"Its kinda fresh you listen to more than hip-hop
And I can catch you in the mix from beauty to thrift shop"
[Yes, that one deserved three lines]

5. Lupe Fiasco x Gold Watch
"Firm disbeliever in your punch clock promise"

"I like street fighter two I just really hate Zangeif, only Ken and Ryu I find it hard to beat Blanka. Keep a wee ninja hanging and the UNKLE album banging, if you negative in energy then stay out the vicinity of"

"My most coveted thing is a high self-esteem and a low tolerance for them tellin me how to lean. See the most important parts are the one that are unseen. The wings dont make you fly and the crown dont make you king. Now God dont like ugly, aint to happy bout pretty, I am ignorances enemy so stay out the vacinity of"...

6. Jay-Z x Takeover
"Don't let me do it to you dunny cause I overdo it so you wont confuse it with just rap music." [Only because that whole verse was basically him overdoing it.]

"When I was pushin weight, back in eighty-eight you was a ballerina. I got your pictures I seen ya. Then you dropped "Shook Ones," switch your demeanor. Well - we don't believe you, you need more people"

7. Santogold x Lights Out
"Lights out, shoot up the station. TVs dead, wheres ther to run. Watch everybody come undone."

8. T.I. x ASAP
"Haters wanna stop tip, mad cuz they not tip. Ball every summer so your baby mama jock tip. You don't want no drama pimp, I promise I do not slip."

9. Jill Scott x Can't Explain(42nd Street Happenstance)
"While you were busy loving me I was busy too."

"If you have a nightmare, do you stop dreaming?"

10. Mos Def x Freaky Black Greetings

11. Kanye West x Back To Basics

12. Coldplay x God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
"Where do we go, nobody knows. Don't ever say you're on your way down when God gave you style and gave you grace. And put a smile upon your face."

13. Gorillaz x Don't Get Lost In Heaven
"Don't get lost in heaven, they got locks on the gate. Don't go over the edge, you'll make a big mistake"

"Put me in a cab to suburbia. I just took a line but I wasn't with you. There was more of it there, when I got back home but you had left me,you don't know my soul... You're a whole bad mistake,yeah,you're a whole one..."

14. Chester French x She Loves Everybody
Well she craves affection, so I use protection. And I know she loves me, she loves everybody"

15. Fiona Apple x Mistake
"I'm gonna make a mistake. I'm gonna do it on purpose. I'm gonna waste my time..."

"And when the day is done, and I look back And the fact is I had fun. Fumbling around all the advice I shunned, and I ran where they told me not to run, but I sure had fun. So I'm gonna fuck it up again. I'm gonna do another detour. Unpave my path. And if you wanna make sense. Whatcha looking at me for? I'm no good at math. And when I find my way back, The fact is I just may stay, or I may not. I've acquired quite a taste for a well-made mistake. I wanna mistake why can't I make a mistake?"

All of them don't have lines because...honestly...I wasnt listening to them and I didn't feel like looking for the lyrics.

07 July 2008


Somebody. Help. Please. These bitches are getting on my nerves. Headache. Can't get away. I will die here or kill somebody. Work sucks. Badly.

06 July 2008

Road Trip!

I WILL be in Philly this Thursday*. One night only [technically it's a day]. I gotta work the next day.

You tryna go? I need a better car & people to split the gas money with.

Okay, Im joking about the gas money but I mean..if you offer...

*If everything goes as planned.

And as a side note...I will be stealing McLovins Home Movies DVD's if I get close enough to them.

05 July 2008

Oh. My. God.

Excuse the blasphemy.

Okay, so I just got asked if our store sold pajamas again. Be proud of me. I didnt kick them.

I did literally have to bite my tongue though.

I did realize that every time somebody ask me that dumb ass question its a male and it's one that was trying to randomly strike up a conversation with me.

For the record. If I sit by myself in a big ass cafeteria that means you should leave me the fuck alone and that I do not need company. It means I wanted to sit alone.

Oh, I like the crush again. He's cute again (see how quick that was?) BUT [because there is always a but] I can tell he's a flirt & that's not gonna work. Only because I think he flirts with this funny looking girl I work with that I think is allergic to everything and has heart problems and is lazy.

A bunch of dudes try to talk to her and I just don't see why. I've tried but not a damn thing about that girl is cute to me. She even smiles way too hard. It has to be because she's umm what do you wanna call it? Fair skinned? Okay.

I just don't like her too much because she lives up to the petite girl being fragile and needing somebody to help her with everything. I hate that shit. I work so hard to fight that stereotype and here SHE comes, lol.

I just had a Dru Hill moment. You know the part in 'I Should Be' where they go 'It might seem like I'm hating..yeah that part just played in my head.

I am in no way hating though because that would imply that I'm jealous of something and trust and believe there is no reason to be jealous on my part.

Anyway, he's a flirt..but he's a cute flirt so I guess if I wanted him too he could be my August fling. Maybe.

Maybe not.

X is outta there, though.

03 July 2008

I have a problem.

So anybody that knows me knows I love tokidoki and I love Hello Kitty [see banner above].

So anybody with some sense would know to automatically buy me everything here.

Especially these.

I will love you forever.

*I just bought a Hello Kitty bookbag yesterday. I have a Hello Kitty comforter on my bed and a pillow case and countless other things. I have an addiction. Even if I know I don't need it I buy it. That is the only extra girlie thing about me. There lies my problem.

Feelin' like Mary J today.

Okay so my "what the fuck" post was me getting some stuff off my chest kind of because I was out and I wanted to yell. I couldn't. So I just yelled over the internet.

That was the end of that.

So yeah. I have to get this out.

You know what I need right now. A summer fling.

I need somebody that has Lupe's swagger, Kanye's confidence, Pharrells...umm..youthfulness? chillness [is that a word?]...whatever it is that Pharrell has that makes me want a 30+ year old. I want somebody that's tatted too. Not no Lil Wayne "I get tattoos cuz I don't have shit else to do with my money & time" crazy lookin tattoos. I want somebody tatted in a Tyga kinda way. That lil dude is kinda cute. After all of that he has to love South Park and most of the shows on Adult Swim [especially Home Movies, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Samurai Champloo, Full Metal Alchemist, The Oblongs, & Boondocks]. He also has to understand that I can get 'weird/goofy' at times and be weird/goofy with me. He has to love nearly all types if music too. Lastly, if after a week he irritates me more than once some how none of that will matter and I won't care anymore. I need this person for at least the whole month of August

I think I'm asking for perfection. I know this will never happen. But a girl can dream.

Moving on...

I was thinking. We should all get together and have a hotel party so McLovin up there in Philly won't be so lonely...and so I'll have something to do.

Speaking of Philly. I was supposed to be going up there for the 4th but that's not happening now. I finally get a f'n holiday off when my cousin is having a block party and now I can't freaking go. Shit sucks.

Speaking of shit. I realized I've been cursing a hell of a lot lately. I only do it this much when I'm stressed. With stress comes exhaustion. With exhaustion comes me being highly irritable.

Soooo, I think I might be going to Busch Gardens on the 1st of August. I don't know yet. There's a story behind that one too but I don't want to get into it because I went and read what I've been posting about lately and I feel as if I look umm..boy crazy...I wish I could have found another way to put that.

You know what I don't like how I am right now. I normally don't give a fuck. I go and start talking to dudes and all this damn drama comes back into my life. I was listening to No Woman, No Cry earlier.

That makes all the sense in the world.

No Dude, No Drama.

....hence the title..get it?


So, Im still trying to understand how 2 people can be almost exactly the same yet so...so...incongruous? Is that a good word for it?

02 July 2008

Man what THE FUCK!!