31 December 2008

I Was Out Of Your League.

I have a couple new favorite songs. Thanks to Pandora.

This is one of them. My new theme song.

True Affection - The Blow

I was kidding about the theme song thing. lol.

29 December 2008


I have a problem

I'm supposed to be looking for a car and guess what I'm doing. Shopping.

Karmaloop is having a sale. 60% off entire order. ...for the next 20 something hours. Good shit. Move quick.

Help me work through my problem by getting this stuff for me.

Supra Golden State Ltd. Ed. Muska Skytop


Adidas Attitude Hi in White & Copper


Hellz Bellz Riding High T-Shirt


e.5.charlie Smoking Gun T-Shirt


Obey Chuck D T-Shirt


22 December 2008

Ignorant Shit.

First Family Bottled Water. $2.50

This is ridiculous.

21 December 2008

Back To Basics.

Normally that would be a good thing. Right?

Bestest. We need to talk. Thanks.

20 December 2008

Talking Wreckless.

My mother used to tell me I spoke without thinking about what other people would think. I didn't think about consequences or feelings.

I've been doing a whole lot of that lately. The bad part is I don't realize I'm doing it until it's too late.

That can't be good.

19 December 2008

Consistency is Key.

Especially when picking a suitor.

Yes. I said suitor.

Take me for example. I consistently pick the wrong dudes to talk to. Everything looks great at first but eventually, every single time, things change and it's back to square one.

This is also why you should always have somebody on stand-by....or that weekend nigga. Sorry Andre. Lol.

BUT I'm consistent and that's all that matters.

18 December 2008

Brain Is For Lovers.

...sure is. lls. Brain is my shit.....the song...

Thats on one of my shirts I bought at that N.E.R.D. concert I went to a while back too.

It is true though...slightly. Depends on what "lovers" means to you, lol.

"Do I really even love you? Or do I really love your brain" lol...my shit...

Anyway, I will probably sound extremely concieted, drawn, gassed or whatever you wanna call it when I say this but...

I'm too nice for as cute as I am.

No bullshit. That has to be it. I mean, as my friend would say, 'I ain't the best looking bitch in the world but what the fuck?' Seriously, niggas must be used to decent looking females being stuck up or something.

Why do I say this? Where is all this coming from?

Well, I've looked at my track record. Dudes seem to take my being 'cool as shit' for granted. I tend to lose interest in dudes extremely quick. If it seems like I've been talking to somebody for a while there's probably something making me want to stick around..at least for a couple more days or something.

But dudes take me being nice, or wanting to talk about absolutely nothing as me being clingy or something when that's so not the case.

Yes, I do tend to get slightly (okay extremely) goofy when it's somebody I do like and that can come off wrong. I understand that but what the hell man?! Lol.

I'm giving up soon.

So basically I just ranted and rambled because I was thinking about my current situation and how a dude I used to talk to took all the stuff I did for him for granted.

Now he's talking all this I want you back bullshit. No sir. Thanks but no thanks.

13 December 2008

I Changed My Mind...

About what? About not wanting anything for Christmas but a laptop.

It's a little last minute I know but you still have time. I don't even need it by Christmas day.

I want this coat.

It's on Digital Gravel. It's $154. There's free shipping for orders over $100 so there you go. There's one XS left. Act fast.

Damn You Gmail!

I have TWO gmail accounts. I blog with one and get personal emails and solicitations on the other. Just because I sign in with one it doesn't mean I want to automatically sign out of the other one.

Moving on...

I just got a newsletter from NOOKA. I'm in love.

SIDE NOTE: It's not swagger jackin' in this situation. You put me on to it. That's all. LOL.

Anyway, they had a kind of teaser picture at the end that said Coming Soon...

I want one. Somehow.

There was more but I'll have to get back to that later.

Quick Question.

Have you ever wanted to tell somebody something but didn't because you didn't want to boost their ego any farther?

I'm battling with a situation like that now.

I wanna tell somebody something about what happens...I'm not gonna go into detail about it because I'd kind of be telling them but yeah. I'm not trying to sice him or anything but I think he'd want to know this. It's kind of important information. Oh well.

Anyway, I've been on my random blog search for the last 20 minutes. I've been going through the followers of The Lupe Fiasco Show. There's some pretty decent blogs following them. Cool people. It seems.

I think I might link the ones I like here. I'm still deciding on that too.

07 December 2008

Coming Soon...

Video from the show...

06 December 2008

How Professional.

I rented a car from Enterprise down the street from me to go to the Lupe show in College Park this Friday. It was a Dodge Caliber (which are really nice by the way)..

A guy named Patrick took the return for me after I had to wait a while but he makes small talk with me and ask me what it's like working at the resort. My first reaction was how the hell but then I remembered I had to give them a pay stub...

So, after I turn it in I get all the way home and then 20 minutes after I'm in the house I get a random text from a New York number that says "NICE BOOTS!"

I'm assuming it's somebody I met at the show or hotel or something so I go, "umm thanks..who is this?"

Guess who the fuck it was....

Yes. It was fucking Patrick from the Enterprise. He took my number off of my paperwork and texted me. Who the fuck does that?

Can't you get fired for that type of stuff? How professional is that?

That took heart though because I could have easily carried the shit out of him..I've been real hostile lately, I should have. LOL.

I just said, 'oh wow okay' and he ask me should he keep my number.

Seriously though?

If I didn't give you my number then I didn't want you to have it. You can't steal a girls number. That's cheating. Then you use a weak starter line like nice boots. Really?

Sorry sir, but you lose.

I would still recommend Enterprise to any and everybody. They're really nice up there. Sometimes too nice but whatever..

Another Eventful Lupe Show

So, if I was to describe my weekend so far in a nutshell it would go like this.

Went to College Park. Chilled in the hotel with everybody. Matty and Bam are hilarious. Got some Potbelly's with Mars, Keena, & Megan. Back to the hotel. Went to the Lupe show at UMD College Park. Got backstage at a sold out show. Backstage sucks though I would much rather have gotten a ticket and been in the front. Lu was great. I can go to a bunch of shows because something different always happens. An example would be Lu trying to take off his shirt and getting stuck in it. Another example would be tossing his shoes in the crowd. Chilled with 1/3 of Hey Champ. Met some groupies. I'm so not down with the whole looking like I'm with the groupies shit so I had to vacate.

Speaking of groupies.... I want to take this time out to acknowledge the group of girls and one guy that followed us back from the show with their headlights off like they were on some stakeout mission or private eye shit or something. THEN they were bold enough to come up in the hotel and be like, "So we wanna know where Lupe is" Really? Did you really think we were gonna be like, "Oh sure, he's right down the hall. His door should be open why don't you just walk on in?" That was some bold shit though.

After that...we went back and forth trying to figure out if we were going to stay in the hotel, go to IHOP or go to the bar. Everybody split up and all three were done. I haven't had much sleep so the rest is kind of a blur.

Lastly, Matty...I want my damn Hey Champ shirt..AND my Kenna cd, lol. Make that happen. Thanks.

You know what you should do though? Go here:

Hey Champ
Lupe Fiasco Show

Next Up: How NOT to get a girls number.

02 December 2008

Can I Get Me Some Satisfaction?

Songs I Can't Stop Listening To...

List 1 of 3.

1. John Legend x Satisfaction
"You don't love me like you say you do. You don't want me the way that I want you"
"I wonder, wonder, wonder why your eyes they wander"

2. Kanye West x See You In My Nightmares
"Tell everybody that you know that I don't love you no more"
"I might see you in my nightmares. But how do you get there? Cause we were once a fairy tale but this is farewell"

3. Solange x Would've Been The One
Look up the words to the whole song.

4. Kenna x Static
" Don't know if I want you to understand me...or go"
"To love and let go was never the design"
"Love come and bless me, show me how to feel. I've been here a time before and it wasn't real"

5. Gnarls Barkley x Charity Case
"If I help somebody maybe there's mercy for me"
"I don't understand how I'm so understanding. I guess that that's all I can be"

6. John Legend x Good Morning
"Before you get into the shower. Before you worry 'bout your hair. Baby give me one more hour. I want you to stay right there. I don't wanna lose a moment. I don't wanna miss a kiss. If I could plan a perfect day, Love I would start it just like this...Good Morning"

7. Kanye West x Say You Will
"Mrs. So Fly crash lands in my room. Can't waste no time. She might leave soon"
"Hey Hey Hey Hey. Don't say you will. One day you will. I pray you will"
"I wish this song would really come true"

8. N.E.R.D. x Breakout
"All you can be is just you cause you're real not the plastic type. But reality sets and you're stuck in this plastic life"
"Shit happens. Just blow it off. But don't it make you feel rage?"

9. Gnarls Barkley x Going On
"You can stand right there if you want, I'm going on and I'm prepared to go it alone"
"I'm going on and I promise I'll be waiting for you"

10. N.E.R.D. x The Way She Dances
"When your eyes are closed I hope I'm the man you see. Cause if not, I want you to know tonight I plan to be"
"When sparks fly, I think that's love"

11. Solange x I Told You So
"The longer we go I know the fire will start to fade, fade, fade. I may be walking too long for this race. I know you said that you won't do the same. So I'm writing this song so the day I see I'm right I'll play this record with a smirk while I say...I told you so"
"I know you think you love me, but love ain't never stopped nobody from creeping around every once in a while when things start to settle down. And so I won't look like a clown I'm gon' call it now"

12. Kenna x Sun Red, Sky Blue
"Underneath your skin again. Right below your innocence. I can tell you're hesitant. Let me heal the heart of it, my love"
"I believe I'd taken flight with wings of wax and heart of ice. Melted by your blessed eyes, angel hear my cries"

5 Things You May Not Know...

About Me.

x. I love South Park.
x. I tend to stay awake more hours than I sleep.
x. I tend to date and/or talk to dudes with the same last name. Not on purpose though..it's weird.
x. I majored in graphic design at Bowie State.
x. I'd pick the Redskins over the Cowboys any day.

Oh, and as a bonus,...

I counted yesterday, I have 41 pairs of shoes. That's not counting the ones I boxed away a while back....i know there's more somewhere.

01 December 2008

How To Play Yourself.

For as long as I can remember dudes have always thought they were slicker than me.

Some still do. This could not be further from the truth. Even if I don't say anything...I still know. Remember that. I always find out. Always.

With that being said...

How To Play Yourself. Part I.

This is the story...

*Ronnie called himself trying to talk to me for a while. From what I hear I'm pretty so he's not the only one. Anyway, a little after that he was kind of talking to somebody else I know...

He doesn't know I knew that.

To shorten the story up, she eventually was taken out of the picture do to unforseen circumstances. Guess what happened after that. He asked for my number. So I gave it to him because I wanted to see how he was gonna try and play this. I had no intrest. Somebody else had my attention at the moment. So after a couple conversations I stopped. I have to really like you to want to keep up contact and have casual random conversations with you.

But how did he play himself? That's what you wanna know right? Well...

I was in a stall at work and I hear a girl come in and say,

"Yeah she called from a restricted number and I didn't answer so she called back and then I answered"

So I'm like whatever..another one of these..then I hear...

"So she asked me 'do you talk to Ronnie?'"

At this point I'm fully into the conversation...

"So I told her 'yeah who is this?' and she said 'I'm his baby's mother'"

The conversation goes on and I find out the girl doesn't know how the mother got her number (his phone, duh), she has been talking to him for a month and the baby mama has been on and off with him for 3 years. She said she lives with him but that may or not be true because she may have been lying...according to the girl.


Trying to play me is one of the many ways you play yourself, sir.

*So Ronnie clearly isn't his name. His name isn't that common. That's why the chances of the girl at the same job as me talking about the same "Ronnie" that also has a kid (I'd heard that before) are better than the odds of it not being him.

There's much more to this story but...I'm typing on a phone. We all know how efficient and comfortable that is.