28 January 2009

House Hunting.

I went with my mom the other day when she went house hunting. All my house hunting takes place on Craigs List right now...anyway...

We saw some really nice ones and some were crappy. Well, not really, I just didn't like how they were decorated. This one house though...it had the best game room ever because those were there. They were paintedon the wall and frames were put around them. There was more but those were my favorite.

12 January 2009

"I'm Dragging Out My Words For You"

LOL. I love this song too. I was meaning to post this up a while ago but kept forgetting. Until today.

Turbo - iTHINKi

11 January 2009

My Favorite Song...

...From a Disney movie, lol.

I love Fiona Apple.

I love Amy Lee.

...and there was the thought process behind this sort of pointless post. Fuck that. It's for me so it isn't pointless..I guess, lol.

10 January 2009

Untitled. 2.

I just got back from Philly a couple hours ago and like every other time I immediately want to go back.

I really would have rather stayed until Sunday but I couldn't get out of work. Bullshit. The reasons were bullshit and I don't feel like explaining.

Anyway, I had fun. I always do. All I do is eat, sleep and have...fun watching tv & movies all day. I don't get that very often here. It's great to sleep with no interruptions or somebody coming in to ask for or look for something.

So for some reason I'm more motivated than normal to get out of here. I think it's not so much where I'm going it's just the fact that I'm going.

There are perks to 'going' but still the perks aren't my main reasons.

With that being said...even with all my 'rest' I'm ridiculously tired so it's off to sleep early for me.

05 January 2009


I just got those in the mail today.

They make my feet look a tad bit on the big side but I'm thinking about keeping them anyway.

Yes? No? Maybe?

02 January 2009

It's Just A Metaphor...

My hormones have been way more active than they should be lately. For like...at least a good month...LOL.

Anyway, the other song I can't stop listening to.

Crown Royal - Jill Scott