31 August 2008

Words Of Wisdom. A Special Edition.

"The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for." -- Maureen Dowd.

"Love sought is good, but given unsought is better" --Shakespeare

"Remember if people talk behind your back, it only means you are two steps ahead." --Fannie Flagg

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else" -- Judy Garland

"There is time for work. And time for love. There is no other time."-- Coco Chanel

26 August 2008

[dj voice] NEW SHIT![/dj voice]

I had to do it, lol.

So a couple people updated or changed blog names.


My bestest, Chris. aeriin.blogspot.com

KayCee moved. theshamelessplug.wordpress.com

Oh! ...before I forget...vote for U-N-I Best LA BreakOut Artist on MTV2.

Takes Half Of Your Bubble Bath...

I shouldn't even need to finish that line.

That was the first thing I thought when I saw that picture. That's a long way from the fitteds and hoodies, lol.

24 August 2008

Moments of Clarity.

Okay, So I just went back and read some of my old posts and decided to clear some things up that may have confused everybody...or some people.

1. In my post about videos, I meant Vh1 Soul not the regular Vh1. That beats almost any channel any time.

2. I don't know anybody named Lucky. My sister does. Apparently she's known him longer than I thought.

3. No, I don't like Ne-Yo. I don't think anybody was even really confused about that. I just figured I'd put that out there and get it over with.

4. My managers name is Donica not Donita...as if that matters.

5. I will not be clearing up my "You Know What" post. The person that needed to understand it did.

6. McLovin is an Irish R&B singer, lol.

and ummmm...

I guess that's the end of my own little Jay-Z moment. At least for now.

22 August 2008

Decisions, Decisions....

N.E.R.D. & Common ;; October 2nd in Philly

The Roots, Gym Class Heroes, & Estelle ;; October 4th in Norfolk

Lupe;; October 11th in Baltimore.

There's also Shwayze & Tyga October 6th in Norfolk I was thinking about but I don't know.

What am I going to do?!

20 August 2008

"He Sounds So Wack!"


You're right. And that dude you just met named Lucky sounds sooo much better.

Sidenote: His nickname is Lucky apparently because his mother had her tubes tied and still got pregnant. In my opinion, her nickname should have been changed to 'Blown'. Anyway...

I guess I understand where you're coming from. You're used to a certain type of dude and no matter how much you deny it your decisions on companions are somewhat based on what you're friends would think. I know what I like...sort of.

I'm 0-3 with those other dudes. Clearly, even with everything we did have in common things weren't right. At this point I have nothing to lose. Besides, you only live once and I'm not trying to be thinking, "What if" and "I wonder what that would have been like" the rest of my life.

Even if everything goes terribly wrong, even within the next 20 minutes, it'll make for a good story at the least.

I say all of that to say this:

I don't care how wack he sounds to you. He's kinda dope to me, lol.

As wack as that sounded....

Who The Hell Is Lupa?

So yesterday I got a text message from my mom (yes, she finally figured out this new texting thing) and it said,

"Did u know Lupa was going to be at love sept 21"

My first reaction was 'who the hell is Lupa?' then a second later I realized she meant Lupe. Then I shook my head when I realized it wasn't a typo or anything. She actually put Lupa.

I told her yes I knew when I'd actually forgot all about it. A friend of mine that is probably at LOVE every Saturday told me back in July maybe. He's like an insider there now or something.

But the whole point of this is....

My MOTHER texted me about a Lupe event! What the hell is going on here?

She's actually not sure if it's this month or next month but I guess it's the thought that counts. Right?

19 August 2008

I Have A New Manager.

I hate her.

She's a white lady named Donita or something like that. She is there to replace the old manager we hated and apparently are responsible (partly) for getting fired. We went without one for a while and the two assistant managers took over. That was good while it lasted.

Now, I just met her yesterday. Everybody else met her while I was gone on my much needed mini-vacation from that place.

So, I come in to open and the store looks a mess. Like they hadn't straightened anything since I was there. The girl who was supposed to close called out and they put somebody in there from another store who clearly did nothing all day. So I'm cleaning up and folding everything that was destroyed in the store when the new manager comes in.

...By the way the store still looks a mess even when it's clean now because she changed everything around and none of it makes any sense. She said "we need to be telling a story with our store". That should tell you enough...

Anyway, while I'm folding she's looking around the store and is like 'when you get a chance go fix those slippers over there' and I proceed to tell her I will but right now I'm fixing all this other stuff that was messed up but she cuts me off and is like 'yeah, you probably have a lot to do'. She keeps talking but I'm not listening anymore. THEN she asks 'What's all this? Returns?' referring to what my attention was on the whole time she was talking.

.....I told her, 'No, it's all the stuff that wasn't folded' she makes this retarded face and says some other shit I can't remember then says she'll be back. She didn't. Thank God.

......I need a new job.

18 August 2008

I Just Thought You Should Know...

Vh1 is the best music channel ever.

They just siced the hell out of me.

I turn to it and Paris, Tokyo is on. So I was like 'Okay I'm gonna stay up for like 3 more minutes.'

Then that goes off any my favorite Lupe video Daydreamin' comes on. So I'm hype for seeing that on TV for the first time in forever.

Then 'Everybody' with Andre, Bentley and Ye comes on. THEN freakin' 'Workout Plan' by Ye comes on. I forgot he even made a video for that. This was great, lol.

Needless to say...I'm just now about to go to sleep.

I should have been sleep 3 hours ago.

You Know What..

I hate it when I make promises I really don't want to keep, lol.

I'll try though since I did promise...kind of.

Well I will say that the last four days were better than normal for me. Best couple days of doing nothing I've had in a while.

I was actually relaxed, I found out some things about myself, and now I don't want to go back to work. I guess that happens when you get 4 days off from work..kind of.

I need my own store ASAP.

15 August 2008

Let's Be Serious For A Second.

Puma First Round Boot

Would you really? Ever? And with what?

Looking at those just made me think of high school wrestling for some reason. But if you are one of the 4 people in the world that probably want them you can buy them for $125.

14 August 2008

2 of 2.



13 August 2008

"They So Used To Not Havin' Nothin. Real"

"...that they don't know how to act, they don't know how to feel."

That line and that line only has been replaying in my head over and over for the last two days. It's not like the whole song is stuck in my head because it's not. I can be singing something else and that line randomly pops back into my head like a recurring dream type of thing.

I wonder why.


12 August 2008

I'm Starting To Notice A Pattern.

...along with something else that's really sad.

And I don't need YOU pointing it out. Thank you very much.

11 August 2008

1 of 2.

I woke up not feeling too well today. I went to Shoppers for that purpose alone.

Now I'm on my way back home to eat the Taco Bell I just bought. After that I'm out in search of (no pun intended) 2 of 2.

I clearly have nothing to do today.

10 August 2008

This Is Kinda Fresh..

Okay not really fresh but I liked it, lol.

I'm not sure of the point but it kept me watching which is always a plus. The girl won that in my opinion.

And as a bonus...probably my favorite Lupe YouTube video.

Update. Kinda.

There's actually really nothing new going on and nothing interesting happened today, but it's still early.

I am surprised I can even make complete sentences right now seeing as how I only got 3½ hours of sleep and now I'm at work until 6. That means I won't be home until 7.

See my mother told me at damn near one that she had to be at the airport by 6 which meant I had to be up by 5 something. So I didn't get home until around 7 and I had to leave by a little after8:30 in order to be to work by 9:30. So yeah.

Right about now I'm praying I don't fall asleep on the way home.

I should be good.

.....I just remembered that the whole point of this post was to let you know I updated the Zune Shuffle.

...because you wouldn't check it if I didn't tell you.

09 August 2008


I kind of want these. They kind of came out 2 days ago.

Adidas x Upper Playground x Sam Flores

There's also kind of like only 500 and no stores close to me.

I kind of hate shoes in those colors 95% of the time but I want these for some reason. I'll probably never wear them but that's beside the point.

So, Chris, sinice there is a store in L.A. here's your chance to prove you're really my bestest, lol. I wear a 5 in men's/kids, thanks.

08 August 2008

I Know I'm Not The Only One...

Okay so in my other post I said I would be visiting my friend up north who was an Irish R&B singer.

Clearly, I'm the only one who remembers the line from the movie where they say McLovin sounds like the name of an Irish R&B singer.

So there you go. I do not know any rhythm and blues singers nor do I know any Irishmen...that I know of.

Also, I wasnt working in the actual Colonial Williamsburg store the other day,lol. The store 'The Williamsburg Shoppe' that I was in gets their stuff from them. Both bore me equally.

06 August 2008

Dancing Bears.

My co-worker did it.

....Well, I thought it was cute.

That and I need something to do so I decided to post.

Back In My Store Tonight.

Pajama Party.

It's a little slow but not nearly as boring.

Once Again...

I can't go to L.A. next Thursday.

I'm only gonna say it was due to scheduling conflicts. That shit really sucks because I wanna see Bestest. I'll make it over there someday. Someday.

Anyway, my retarded ass manager messed my schedule up again anyway and didn't give me all my days off. Looks like I'll be calling out that Saturday.

Since I won't be traveling across the country I guess I can make another trip up north to see my friend who is an Irish R&B singer.

I don't wanna waste my days off.

05 August 2008


If you buy me a cookbook as a gift don't expect me to get you anything.

You can tell that is just one of the things that isn't selling so we're gonna push it on you as a 'great gift idea'.

Don't be fooled. It isn't.

Sure, somebody will take it and act appreciative but it will never be used.

People that do cook a lot will probably be sloghtly offended and people that don't will be insulted.

Don't do it. You can't win.

I Don't Know My Own Strength.

I went to pull open a drawer and that happened.

...it may have already been broken but I'm telling people that don't know that I did it, lol.


A tray in the boring ass Colonial Williamsburg store I have to work in today.

I have 6 more hours to go.

Prepare for random posting.

New problems. Great Problems.

I visted the Sanrio story in KOP recently. I had to. There is a new character I'm probably late named Kuromi. That is a new addiction developed this Saturday. People have recently found that when I said I had a problem with buying Hello Kitty stuff...I was serious.

I had a choice between this:

and this:

I got the bottom one. I already have a Hello Kitty bookbag. Granted it is a lot smaller..but oh well.

Oh, McLovin. I guess this would explain it.

On another note...

Seeing how fall is coming I think I'll get back into my buying sneakers phase instead of heels now. I might start with these:

I just got these:

and I think I want the all white ones that are left in what could possibly be my size (its a size smaller but I think I can do it), lol.

I'm sure somebody probably just bought them as I typed that.

03 August 2008

To Sum It Up, Pt. 2

Nothing went as planned which was kind of expected.

So in a way nothing going as planned was part of the plan. If that makes any sense.

To start 2 people were supposed to go with me and after I paid for the room I found out the day of they couldn't go. Then I found 2 more people. To make that long story short they couldn't go either. So at this point I'm half pissed half disappointed but still determined to go. I had to get the hell up out of Maryland.

To fast forward this part...my mom ended up riding with me.

Now any other time this would be extra weak to me but I figure I wasn't supposed to go with anybody if nobody could go.

I'm actually glad nobody came with me. As bad as that sounds.

McLovin is thee greatest. He's also hilarious and adorable. I mean... just so you know.

Oh and any house party that plays Kanye, Lupe and Pharrell is fine with me, lol.

And just so YOU know...I will never call you that. Ever. lol. AND we are actually going to fight next time but this time it will be because you smacked me in the face twice! [It's not nearly as bad as it sounds].

Lastly, because I don't feel like typing anymore....

Yes Cannon, I do like Philly like that, lol.

...and I will be going back asap.