31 May 2008


Okay. So I went into a room to go change after work that has at least 50 stalls in it. So instead of walking into the 49 other stalls [with curtains open] this lady yanks open the curtain to the one Im in.


Im constantly surrounded by idiots.

28 May 2008

Words of Wisdom # 2.

Today's Words of Wisdom are brought to you by...

Wasalu M. Jaco a.k.a. Lupe Fiasco.

"LUST, sometimes can override TRUST. She said thats why she gave it up."

True shit.

26 May 2008

I mean. Come on.

Okay so people think I can be mean and I have a short temper at times and what have you. I will admit that I am irritated really easy and that shows but some of that is people mistaking my sarcasm for me being serious. It is what it is.

Anyway, today at work I had a decision to make. This is the situation. There's this shelf in front of the register in the store that has all the testers for the lotions and shea butter for about 8 different scents. So this couple walks in and they're looking and smelling stuff on the shelf. So I hear them start complaining about how they didn't like one of them because it didnt smell like anything. So I look and they're smelling the one labeled...get this... 'Unscented'.

So. At this point I could do one of two things. I could either make them feel like fucking idiots for being loud and dumb or just leave it alone and let them move on. Now if I was as mean as people think I am I would have said something and said it loud enough to embarrass them. I know I wanted to. But I decided against it.

I also didn't point out to another lady who thought it was hilarious that one of the lotions that she liked said 'sausage' on it when it actually said 'savage'.

I am becoming a better person little by little. Very little by very little.

25 May 2008

Quick question.

This question is for the females mostly because I know most dudes probably always feel that way but...have you ever felt like the dude you were with didnt have enough of a umm..'drive' for you? And there was no possibility he was gay..What'd you do about it? What would you do?

Guys can reverse the situation and answer this too.

23 May 2008

Traveling from Virginia to Cali bro...

...hitch hike a ride , ofand my calico

Okay not really. I'm listening to 'Bobby James' by N.E.R.D. right now so that's why I said that. I am tryin' to go to Cali though but I'd be traveling from good 'ol Maryland. Oh yeah, Bestest, we may have a problem as far as that goes. But on to the reason for this post...<><>Those of you that live in the DC, MD, VA area should try and make it out to the Art Whino show tonight at the new National Harbor. If you're an art person (and even if youre not) the artist there are great. It starts at 6 tonight I believe and last until midnight. There will be a DJ I would tell you who but I cant find the flier at the moment. Go to artwhino.com or ucartwhino.blogspot for more info. I'll be there so thats a good enough reason right there, lol.

19 May 2008

Just for the record...

I think anybody that took an umbrella to the Glow In The Dark Tour for the sole purpose of waving it in the air when Rihanna sings 'Umbrella' and obstructing the view of fellow concert-goers is a fucking loser.

That is all.

17 May 2008

Don't you hate it when...

Okay so a couple weeks ago (maybe longer, I'm not good at remembering these things) I began talking to an ex of mine from high school. I said I would never do that and I literally hated could not stand him for a long time. I hadn't actually talked to him in nearly 4 years. The fact that he moved away for a while helped that. But I digress...

From now on he will be referred to as X (how clever right). Anyway, X and I got back in contact through facebook and have been talking since then. He recently left town for a little while and the day before he was supposed to leave he tells me he has to talk to me about some stuff but is going to wait until he comes back from his vacation. That is another 12 days from now. Dont you hate that? Now Im gonna be wondering more than Ye over here everyday, lol.

Ill admit I did that to him once before but thats because I wanted to talk and he was tired then he got up and I was tired. I told him the next day though. Not 14 days later. Thats bullshit if I ever heard it.

10 May 2008

Everythings gonna be okay...

just dont breathe the air.

The World Famous Glow In The Dark Tour aka The Best Tour Ever is only a few hours away for me.

And that was the reason for the Lupe quote as the title since I heard he starts the show with Hello/Goodbye.

I love that song. I'm a little passed excited.

03 May 2008

You can be my cutty cutty buddy, fa sho...

So, I have a question. I was listening to my Zune and this song by Trillville & T-Pain [what song doesnt have T-Pain in it] came on called Cutty Buddy and I got to thinkin'... How do you guys feel about cutty buddies, friends with benefits, fuck friends, etc.

I know how I feel about the whole thing because...lets just say the conversation has come up more than once with me but anyway LET ME KNOW! The responses will determine whether or not I go into detail on my situation which is always more than it seems.

I'm not scared of people not agreeing with me & my situations I just want to know if its worth the effort of typing it out.

Just to get you started and so that you have an idea. ..the following songs evoke memories for me occasionally. Hopefully they do the same for you

N.E.R.D. x Brain
Trillville x Cutty Buddy f. T-Pain
Kanye West x Addiction
Wale x Freaks
Ginuwine x So Anxious
The Dream x Falsetto
504 Boyz x I Can Tell
Native Tongue x Buddy
Lady Saw x If Ya Cant Grind Good
Eazy E x I'd Rather Fuck You

Damn, I should make a mixtape of this for myself, lol.
I realize that some of these make me look more promiscuous than what I actually am. At the moment I dont give a fuck cuz I'm me. Thanks.