24 June 2010

-Just pretend there's a "clever" Thriller reference here-

So, I was gonna save this whole idea and do it on his birthday because it kind of bothers me when people celebrate and do things on the day someone died. Not that much but enough. The post is kind of rushed through because it took me so long trying to decide what to put here and what to leave out. Then I had to figure out if I was gonna do one huge download or three separate ones. I decided on three. This is the first of those.

[Just to warn you...this is kinda rushed and BS'd so excuse me for a while until I can come back and fix it up.]

Anyway, I'm not gonna do a whole long story before the download.

I'll tell you about some of the song on this though because they all kinda have a story or things people would like/need to know.

The track listing goes like this.

1. Bumper Snippet
2. Serious Effect ft. LL Cool J
3. Work That Body
4. She Got It
5. Lisa, It's Your Birthday
6. Monkey Business
7. If You Don't Love Me
8. We Are Here To Change The World
9. Streetwalker
10. Fly Away
11. Someone In The Dark
12. Can't Get Outta The Rain
13. One Day I'll Marry You
14. Ain't No Sunshine [Unreleased Version]
15. I'll Be There [Unreleased Version]
16. Big Boy
17. Xscape
18. We've Had Enough [Extended Version]

So.. about some of the songs.

Numbers 2-7 were recorded during Michael's Dangerous era. That could be anywhere from the 87-91 though because he started recording for the Dangerous album the second Bad was finished.

xx. Serious Effect features LL Cool J and that could have easily been on the album.

xx. Lisa, It's Your Birthday is his demo version of the song Bart sings for Lisa on the episode of The Simpsons called Stark Raving Dad he appeared on. For legal reasons and all that other good stuff he could be on it but he couldn't sing on it and was credited as John Jay Smith.

According to the Simpsons wikia he's the one who came up with the idea to have Bart tell everyone that Michael Jackson was coming to his house and he requested that a joke about Prince be changed to one about Elvis.

xx. We Are Here To Change The World is from Captain EO, the 3D Disney film [that only showed at the theme parks] he starred in back in '86. It was directed by Francis Ford Coppola and executive produced by George Lucas. Oh and Angelica Houston and the midget from Bad Santa were in it. -shrug-.

xx. Streetwalker was supposed to be on Bad. Another Part Of Me [also in Captain EO but a different version] was chosen instead because his manager like it more. There's more to that story but I'm being lazy right now and don't feel like explaining it. Quincy Jones talks about it on the special edition of Bad.

Fly Away was recorded for Bad also. His eldest sister Rebbie also recorded it and released it with Michael singing back up.

Someone In The Dark was released on the E.T. Storybook album that was pulled pretty much because it violated every part of the contract that was made in order for him to do it. lol. That makes it the rarest and most expensive MJ record ever. I've seen people selling ones in terrible condition for $700. Not I.

Can't Get Outta The Rain was only released on the B-side of the Billie Jean single. It's essentially a alternate version of You Can't Win.

Lemme see uuuhhhh....

Big Boy is the first song MJ/J5 ever had on the radio. In the Jacksons movie they had it as that song Kansas City..that was wrong but so was a lot of stuff about that movie.

Like Michael recording Human Nature in 83 when Thriller came out in 82 and Michael having that pet rat in Gary and them playing Ben when that was the name of the movie about a rat he sung for after they'd been with Motown for a few years

...but why would details be important in a story about people's lives?

Download HERE.
[Ignore the terrible art.]

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Oh, so I also have enough demos and unreleased songs from Thriller for another one of these...I guess that's next.