29 February 2008

I think I'm in love.

Yet slightly jealous at the same time.

27 February 2008

He's probably gonna get dicked on this one too..

Vote for Lupe as the best please. Thanks.

Actually. Vote for anybody but Lil' Wayne. I mean seriously.

Okay, I'm being biased. Vote based on how much TALENT and THOUGHT actually goes into the stuff the artist say/write.

I can not stress this next part enough.

Please, please, please! DO NOT vote based on image.

Please DO NOT vote based on wether or not you like how he dresses.

Please, do not vote based on things the artist may have said or acted in the past.

Please, do not vote for somebody because you think that's who your friends would vote for. If it helps, go listen to songs from everybody and then come back [no radio singles though].


- - - - - - - - - - -

And no...I did not do all of that just to tell you to vote for Lupe. I did all that to tell you to vote for anybody but Wayne. Thanks.

Hey, the other artist up there get dicked enough....no homo.

22 February 2008

5 Things That Annoy The Hell Out of Me...

...at the moment.

1. People who hold up drive-thru lines for shit they clearly should have went inside for.
2. Sean Kingstons voice.
3. I may be attacked by some hoodrat/groupie/fanatic but...Lil Wayne. Yeah, I said it. Now, ...WHATAREUGONNADO?
4. People that say they're going to do something and then have 50 stupid [not good ones] excuses as to why they couldn't/didn't do it.
5. People who say they are and always have been fans of someone and you ask what their favorite song is and they go, "Uhhh...that one song...you know..." and then after 5 minutes of them trying to convince you they finally say, "[insert radio single currently out here]".

More to come later. I can assure you that.

20 February 2008

Open Your Ears Volume One.

Okay. So I updated the Shuffle list.

It's Zune shuffle for obvious reasons. The new thing is though, that whenever I update the list I'll be posting the list here and also posting a line or lines from the song that I think make it worth listening to. Kind of like a sample. I'll be putting up links to download the songs later on also. You'll love the shuffle.

Here's the first one.

1. Wale x Nike Boots
DMV [District, Maryland, Virginia] so we used to the waitin/nobody seems to care, we so complacent with the vacancy/see, the love is gone with one another, it's hard/ nobody rep for the Skins [Redskins], they busy cheering them stars [Cowboys]/ it's ironic, it's the same for the artists/ rather than buy our songs, they busycheering the stars/ a lot of drama/ a lot of beef/ we have so much in common, starting at the feet/ Goadome Nikes, the cortazone of the poem writer/none like us, so none like us

2. Outkast x ?
"What can make a nigga want to fight a whole night club?/ Figure that he ought to maybe be a pimp simply cuz he dont like love"

3. Ice Cube x Steady Mobbin'
"Rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6"

4. Amy Winehouse x Me & Mr. Jones
"What kind of fuckery are we?/ Nowadays you don't mean dick to me (dick to me)/I might let you make it up to me (make it up)/Who's playing Saturday?"

5. The Five Heartbeats x A Heart Is A House For Love
"Is there a heart in the house tonight? Stand up!"

6. Mary Jane Girls x All Night Long
"Oh, something’s got me so delighted, baby/I see your face in everything I do/You got me shook up, shook down, shook out on your lovin’/And boy, there is just no way I’ll ever get over you"

7. The Pack x I'm Shinin'
"Got cheese, gotta watch out for rats/I'm bigger than the mice so I keep a mouse trap/ A lot of snakes in my hood, gotta keep a low grass"

8. Jay-Z x Allure ft. Pharrell
"But even the worse pain is the distress learning you're the mistress only after that love gets slain/ and the anger and the sorrow mixed up leads to mistrust, now it gets tough to ever love again"

9. Jill Scott x I'm Not Afraid
"I am not afraid to be your lady/I am not afraid to be your whore/I am not afraid to be your future/I am not afraid to be your soil/In which you plant your seed/Flowers they sprout from me/My fragrance in the breeze/You must nurture me please"

10. Lupe Fiasco x Tilted In Any Colour You Like
...all the ad-libs in this version...
"Bring my car around" ;; "You a soldier!"

11. Yung Joc x Hell Yeah
"Is that your life savings hanging 'round your neck? Hell yeah!"

12. Notorious B.I.G. x Notorious Thugz ft. Bone Thugs
"Spit your game, talk your shit/ grab yo gat call your click/ squeeze
your clip hit the right one/ pass that weed i got to light one/ all them
niggas i got to fight one/ all them hoes i got to like one/ our situation
is a tight one/ what you gonna do? fight or run?"

13. Erykah Badu x On & On
"If yo knowledge were yo wealth/Then it would be well earned" & "You rush into destruction/ 'Cuz you don't have nothing left/ The mothership can't save you/ So yo ass is gon' get left"

14. Lupe Fiasco x 1st & 15th is Back
"Ima chaser/ and niggas tryna take me off my paper/ like erasers/Let me put you on to somethin'/ all I got is the otha end for them/ and they brother men that wanna get it bubbled in/ its nothin" annnndddd... "Thought you had yourself a slipper/ Like Cinderella prince/ but instead you got a pimper/ that wasn't hesitant to help you limp like impotence jack"

15. Lupe Fiasco x Outty 5000
"Hes nuts with a cane, Planters Planters!/ Adjust my frames, tamper tamper!/ I'm real, they Seinfeld/ they ain't talking about nothin, George Costanza"

...and that right there is the eeeennnndddd of the shhoooowwwwww!

15 February 2008

Hello End Of The World, how are you?

I'm fine.

I think I'm the only one that actually likes that song. [Hello/Goodbye (Uncool), Lupe Fiasco]

It's cool though. No pun intended.

Anyway, I am going to be making some major changes to the blogsta (man, that was weak) in the coming months. Maybe weeks. Maybe days. It all depends on how fast Verizon can get their act together and get my damned internet back up. You can only do but so much with a cellphone people. T9 does help out alot though. But yeah, one of the main changes is the blog name. It's been changed from 'Waste Not Fresh Tears' to 'She's Cool Like Dat'. I know what you're thinking, "But you already took the time to make the crappy banner and everything!" But don't you worry, another crappy one is not hard to come by.

I mean, if you wanna make me a better one I will take it. No problem.

But I digress...I changed the name because I really cant see myself explaining in every post that 'Waste Not...' is actually short for the saying, 'Waste not fresh tears on old griefs.' That pretty much explains itself. If you dont get it do me a favor and leave. You really shouldn't be reading this.

Where were we? Oh...

I honestly only picked the new name because I couldnt think of anything else and I used to always like that song by Digable Planets when I was younger called 'Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)'. Other than that the only other changes I can make will have to be made when I make it to an actual computer.

But do be on the lookout for new sections, links, features, and maybe even some interviews.

Until then...

13 February 2008

Damn, dese niggas got me...

"Dese niggas" being Kanye in this case.

So, we all know, or should know by now, that pre-sale tickets for The Glow In The Dark Tour went on sale today. I got an e-mail from kanyeuniversecity reminding me and telling me to go order and blah blah. So me being anxious to see my two favorite rappers [Lupe, Kanye] and favorite band [N*E*R*D*] go and prepare myself to join the Kanye fan club. I know at this point I will have to pay something, so to fast forward I pay the 24.99 to get my code for Ticketmaster. I go directly to the Ticketmaster site only to find out that they dont have up the date for my area. Can you say blown? AND in all my excitement I forget that I'll be starting a new job around the supposed time the concert will be in my area. So here lies the problem...a concert like this seems to be a once in a lifetime thing [how often can you catch N*E*R*D* on tour?] I already quit my other job so should I jeopardize this great new job to see people maybe surely 50,000x's richer than me?

We shall see...

10 February 2008

I am completely satisfied with how that went.

Everybody I wanted to win something won.

Mr. West.

Mrs. Winehouse

Annnnnnnddddd ....[insert drum roll here]


Finally got the damn Grammy! [flav voice] Yyyyeeeeaaahhhh booooyyyyyy[/flav voice]

It's about damn time mayne.

Oh and I don't need another picture of Ye but isn't this shit fly?

06 February 2008

And the award for biggest hater goes too...

...the fine people over at Idolator. Congrats people! You are officially the biggest Lupe Fiasco haters. You win this award because unlike other haters who hate individually and may occasionally join forces, you hate collectively. How great is that?!


04 February 2008

[flavor flav voice] Yyyyeaaahhhh Boooooyyyy[/flavor flav voice]

I don't think I really need to do anything else to rub it in.

I would rather that have been Brett Favre up there but that will do as well.

03 February 2008

Another reason the Giants should win...

They came out to 'Stronger'. Enough said.

02 February 2008

*UPDATE* Jaco has been found!

I kind of forgot to mention that for like the last 50 post. He was in my room. It was kind of in a mess for a while because I was so busy. As my parents would say, it "looked like a tornado had been through it".

Jaco was actually with me at the Lupe concert. Not because I wanted Lu to see him. Just because wherever I go hheeeee goooeessss. Sorry I had to do that.

Sooo what's been goin on with me?

Oh, I quit that slave driving establishment they call Macy's. I'm gonna miss the discount on clothes but that my friends is what TJ Maxx, DSW & Marshalls are for.

I got me some dope ass Ralph Lauren jeans for like $30 from TJ Maxx the other day. from $165 thats some cool shit.

I got some Free People jeans from Macy's the other day though. They don't even sell them in the stores around here. I think somebody ordered em or returned em or something. I think this older lady didn't know the sizes. She was clearly a 30-31 maybe and the jeans are a 25. Yes. I'm that small.

...and you love it.

But I digressed grossly...

I quit because I was doing like 5934373239.6 million different things at Macy's and breaking my damn back and only getting $7.60. Ain't that some straight BULLSHIT!

My ringer for them actually was Kanye's Spaceship.

But yeah, they're builing a Gaylord Resort around here. A National Harbor. It's like a little city.

National Harbor is a 300-acre new urbanist mixed use waterfront development being built by the The Peterson Companies on the shores of the Potomac River in Prince Georges County, Maryland. The project will cost more than $2.1 billion. In addition to the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, it contains five new hotels, waterfront condos, offices, retail stores, nightspots, a marina, and a new location for the National Children's Museum.

-- Courtesy Wikipedia

I got the job on the spot when I went for the grand hire they were having. The Director of the retail part,a high up dude, ran after me to get me to offer me the position.

Yes. It's true. I'm just that good. For a small fee of $1 million I can show you how to do this son!