30 November 2008

How To Play Yourself. Part I.

Coming Soon...

"Don't play yaself like Solitaire"

--Lupe Fiasco

24 November 2008

Yet Another Reason Why...

I love my friends. Don't you wish you had friends like mine?

So Much To Say....

...so little I can actually let out.

I'm sparing peoples feelings again and trying not to let certain personal things and sensitive information out but it's really hurting me.

Well, that's gonna be my excuse.

It's late so I'll be posting more on this later.

In other news...I want a NOOKA watch now.

20 November 2008

I LOVE My Friends.

Bestest especially.

Remember my first list? If you do you should recognize 2 of 4 things in the picture.

Bestest got me one of the dunny's (toofly) and the ol master ninja in the back.

I also have the 2 Tokidoki posters. I love my bestest, lol.

You too could be like him. There is still time.

Yes, the rest of the list so far are slightly expensive but you shoulda picked early. That's what you get for slackin'.

Actually, one thing from either list would make ne just as happy...well I think it would.

18 November 2008

I Thought This Was Funny...

I was gonna say that it was hilarious because I actually did laugh out loud when I read it...

Specifically what Wale says.

XXL: The internet has been such an important tool for rappers in the past few years, particularly this young generation of rappers. How have you guys used the Internet to your advantage.

Charles Hamilton: ....I have a blog. I talk a lot of shit on my blog. I don't care. It's my blog. If I do an interview with hip-hopgame.com and say rapper X is a retard and doesn't write his own shit, I will say that I said that because I felt like saying that and you can read this article at hip-hopgame.com....

Cory Gunz: I look at [message boards] as feedback. I go off of how the average dude will look at what somebody write about them on the internet and take offense to it...I take that and turn it into something positive.

Wale: My skin is not that thick. If I see somebody joning, I'm like, How the fuck do I get this nigga's IP address?

Kid Cudi: Have you ever traced somebody down?

Wale: Have I ever traced somebody down? I've done it. You'd be surprised what you seen on that shit.

I got a few people I'd like to track down...lol.

10 November 2008

I'm Gonna Go Ahead & Apologize...

Only for the last post...

I don't do that very often...

I felt like I ha-- not have to but kind of need to because that was kind of OC. I'm not gonna lie and say I wasn't still slightly salty about the whole thing but when you smell BS you just don't sit there and take the shit right? You do something about it.

Ask questions later.

...Did I just apologize without actually apologizing?

09 November 2008

Words of Advice...

If you're gonna bam out and do some weak ass shit with a weak ass excuse don't leave valuables behind....

Anybody want a new watch? lmao...

You might wanna come get that...

04 November 2008


Im about to fuckin cry over here no bull.

I cant explain how excited I am. This is the happiest I've been for somebody else.

We got a fuckin BLACK president.

I'm Not Tryna Jinx Anything....

BUT 220 to 138 is looking awfully good right about now.

...all this while I sit and listen to N.E.R.D. on my Zune while watching CNN & Fox.

I know you thought you're life was gon' be easy...you thought you had it all...but you found out you were wrong...

Judgement Day.

Luckily my voting place is right next to my neighborhood but we are still in my neighborhood in that picture. The line is that long. I'm not even at the end.

02 November 2008

Part 3.

The Shoes.

Supra Black & Purple Croc Skytop.


Black & Croc Supra Skytop


Skytop Blue Suede Shoe


Supra Vaider Purple


Oh and these...

Vans Wellesley Black & Denim


Available at Zumiez.

I think I Found Your Gift.

Timberland-inspired Skytops.

Yes? No? Maybe?

via Complex.

The Source, November 2008

I'm not imagining things right? Lupe's name is on the cover right? I got got.

If anybody finds Lupe even mentioned in that magazine please let me know.

This is not helping their reputation with me, lol.

01 November 2008

Lupe Fiasco, Pole Dancing & Halloween Parties

All parts of my fun-filled weekend in the Chi.

I'll elaborate later.