28 September 2008

"I Asked You First Though"

Since when has it been acceptable to answer a question with a question?

Who taught you that? If somebody says, "Hi, how are you?" you can't reply with "How are you?"

You're supposed to answer first.

Next..to clear up the censorship post...

The "stuff" I was talking about involves people who read the blog. It's not that I'm scared of what they may say...it's more of me not wanting them to know that "stuff".

At least not right now

27 September 2008

I Forgot To Mention...

I'm going to be in Norfolk, VA for the majority of the weekend. I'll be in other parts too but mostly here. Already I've seen a bald lady with fingerwaves. Shits hilarious, lol.

Anyway...IHOP sucks. Denny's is better. For future reference..where is the closest Denny's to Military Circle?

Oh. One last thing...Andre, don't let me catch you on the street.

Virginia asshole. Lol.

Censorship Sucks!

In television, radio, music,.....blogs...


I'm sitting here thinking about....stuff.

I tend to think about "stuff" a whole lot lately and I kinda hate it. I also hate that I can't go into anymore detail than that.

I'm censoring myself. I kinda don't like it too much. I kinda don't have a choice. Damnit.

20 September 2008

Just a PSA.

Green = Go
Red = Stop

Get that? Yellow DOES NOT mean slam open your fucking brakes. Especially not at a light with no camera and no cars coming. (Yes, I'm talking to you, 08 Camry that I almost hit.)

Thank You.

(Is it just me or do people from VA drive like 10 miles slower than everybody else?)

18 September 2008

Sooner Than Later.

Okay so...

Few people know about my plans to move to Philly.

Let me give you the background real quick...

My mother has been dealing with a whole lot lately. My house has been broken into while I was the only one here and again when my sister was home alone and a bunch of other shit. The majority of this 'shit' either had something to do with my bad ass brother.

Anyway, my mom is from Philly and originally thats was where she wqs moving back to. Actually, it was right outside of Philly but blah blah the neighborhood is changing and more blah blah.

So she decided that she wanted to move to Perryville which I think is 20 minutes from Delaware or something.

In other words thats a long enough way from here. And since I'm not tryna move to no damn Perryville and I have a lot of family and a few (very few) friends in Philly that'd be better for me.

I've lived in the same house all my life so I'm ready for something different just not Perryville different.

So, this post pretty much came about because she just told me a little while ago that she's trying to have the house on the market by October 1st.

That's sooner than I thought and I'm not exactly ready for everything now but I probably would have 'bullshitted my life away' if she never gave me a date.

I'm only going to miss a few people and I might actually end up in Perryville for a little while but change is always good. Right?

Anybody wanna go shopping for apartment stuff with me tomorrow?

17 September 2008

So, Were You Always This Annoying?

Most people that know me learn quickly that I am very easily annoyed.

Some people that thought I was nice at first later told me that I was mean. There are Do's and Don'ts that come along with me.

Here are the DONTS.

DONT say 'Da bomb.com' around me. Ever.

DONT ever say Oh Em Gee or TTYL unless you are texting and/or a 12-15 year old girl.

DONT say to me or around me 'you only turn __ once' No shit. You only turn every age once. Find a better excuse.

DONT want what you can't have. I know that isn't something you can control necessarily. But at the same time, if you decide to just be friends with somebody because you want things 2 ways you can't get mad when that 'friend' shows even a little interest in somebody else. If we are friends you're not even on the same list.

DONT drunk dial me. Actually there are only 2 people that don't annoy me when they do. One of them is like one of my best friends and the other one is a new friend.

DONT keep trying to tell me a story I clearly have no interest in. Walking around me and dancing or saying 'I'm so happy' and then nothing else will not make me want to know the rest of the story if I never gave a fuck about anything else you ever said. Saying random things to me doesn't make me curious it only annoys me more.

I'm done for now because I don't feel like typing this anymore but this is only part one.

Just wait until I go back to work Friday...

16 September 2008

Guess Where I'm Going...

I'm going to the Lupe Fiasco show...and I'm gonna have an amazing night. LOL. Sorry I had to do it.

I made my sister get up yesterday morning to get the tickets for me because I had to work.

So that means October 2nd is N.E.R.D. and Common and then the weekend after that is Lupe.

October is looking like it won't suck this year. LOL.

14 September 2008

Okay, I know It's Free & All...

And I like chicken tenders, don't get me wrong, but four days in a row?

Seriously. This is getting ridiculous.

09 September 2008



I'm writing this post because I don't have shit else to do and I figured this would pass the time.

I had to get up around 4 something this morning for work after going to sleep around 1...also because of work. I went to sleep around 5 something once I got in the house for good..and after I ate.

I dont think I woke up for good until about an hour ago and now I've just been laying around.

Alone with my thoughts.

Normally that's a good thing but lately my thoughts have all been about one of three things. Three things I'm not mentioning. They do involve major decisions though.

Can you tell I'm not fully awake?

Oh. Ok. So, for the record...if I tell you not to do something 9.5 times out of 10 it's for a pretty good reason. Even if I don't tell you what the reason is. So dont be too surprised if I'm pissed at you for doing it anyway.

But yeah, I'm still sleepy as hell AND I've just been volunteered to go pick my sister up at midnight.

Isn't that great?

One of those decisions just popped back up.

08 September 2008

Crash & Fizzle Out.

Have you ever been somewhere, been with somebody or did something that
had you on a...for a lack of better word...high?

Maybe euphoria would have been a better way to explain it. Or maybe
euphoria is slightly too much.

Do you sometimes you feel like you want to freeze time? That's not
exactly how it is. I mean sometimes you don't want certain moments to

Then you remember you have bills to pay, things to accomplish,
problems, situations, you know...things like that. Real life.

It's kind of like that commercial about energy drinks. You know the
one that talks about how other energy drinks give you that boost of
energy and then you crash. Hard. This one is kind of like that other
one. The one where you get that boost of energy and then you slowly
go back to the way you were before you took it. Like a crash and
fizzle out instead of a crash and burn. It's like..the crash wasn't
so bad that you're thinking 'What was I thinking? That wasn't worth

It's more like, 'That crash wasn't that bad. It was worth the high.
I can do that again. When can I do that again?'

You think about the situations surrounding the high for days
afterwards. You count the days until you can be high again. Cuz you
know, you can't do it that often because you actually do have a job
and have to make it to work. That and it'd be way too expensive to
have the high everyday.

It's the perfect high though. Maybe. Too perfect. Almost. Not
really. That can't be good for you. It's great for the moments

Right? I mean, I wouldn't know. I'm just asking.

When's the last time you had a boost of 'energy'?
When's the last time you were high?
What was it like?

I'm curious.

Dicked Again.

I fucking hate this shit.

I still don't understand why Mary J. is in the Hip Hop category.

I also don't understand why we keep getting dicked on the Lupe performances.

Apparently he's good enough to be on the show but not good enough to be broadcast all the way through. It's like he's still a new artist or something.

It's like the Espy's all over again but worse. At least he was throughout the show on there.

And were the ratings for the show that bad before that they have to stop programming on all of their other channels?

...what else bothered me? Why, I'm glad you asked.

Kid Rock and Wayne instead of Lupe just looked like more riding of Waynes dick to me (but hey, I might be biased.) Lemme see....oh!

Britney and not Panic! At The Disco. Wayne with the Supras. The Pussycat Dolls winning over everybody else in that category. Etc.

So..pretty much in conclusion..Russell has freakin' ADHD, I hate MTV Award shows. They are creative but decent people hardly ever win. And umm....I'm still in love with Kanye West.

My Kanye.

02 September 2008

How Fitting.

I found this inside one of the slightly offensive cds they sell in The Williamsburg Shop here called From Ear To Ear. It includes such hits as:

Massa Buy Me, Bring Me Half A Hoe (Field Version), & Gonna Beat Dis Corn.

The last line is the fitting part. This is what it says...

Wasalu - This traditional song of the Wasalu peoples of Mali reflects music which would have been sung during festivals and celebrations...This song celebrates the African tradition of acknowledging life events through music.

Check the chained up slaves with their little boy reaching for them and the slave on the boat in the background underneath Africa...across from the free, happy, rejoicing, dancing slaves under America.

hmm. Something is wrong with that picture...

Mulan II, meet Jefferson & Adams.

So, Mulan II is the most boring Disney movie ever. That dvd Jefferson & Adams is thee most boring stage play in history.

I mean..there's even a lady who plays Abigail Adams in it and her real name is Abigail.

What is this? Home Movies?

...should I have said no pun after the 'most boring movie in history' part?