13 July 2010

I'm Workin'..I think.

I have a problem with getting things done.

Not really but really.

I try to do like 15 different things. If I had maybe an extra hour everything would be done.

Anyway, I have a million things to do this week that have to be done this week.

First is get rid of that old ass banner thing up there^^. The blog name isn't even the same and hasn't been since forever. -shakes head in shame-

Finish the layout for the new site I'm working on. I'm not sure if it's gonna me a music site or just a site for me yet.

Dye my hair. I'm kinda nervous about this though. I'm doing something different and if it doesn't come out right I'm gonna be piiiissseeed. You have to wait 2 weeks until it can be done again which means I'll look crazy at work and for the Paramore/Tegan and Sara concert. Wack.

Get my second..and maybe third tattoo. I was gonna get a piercing but punked out of that. It'll hurt longer and I may have to take it out for work. I'm not paying and then have to take it right out.

Buy a new bed. Just because I want one before I redo my room. I have this whole idea to change one corner of it into a space just for my records and the turntable & all that. Then another part for my dvds, cds and video games. Should be dope if it's ever done.


Write. I've been putting that off forever.


I'm supposed to be practicing the bass.

I'm so behind.

I guess I just wasted more time typing this instead of doing them, huh?

09 July 2010

"Don't Go For Solange When You Could Get Beyonce"

Andre said that.

I like Solange a little better but I got the point.

I need to remember that.

08 July 2010

Ya Mayme Wan Sum Mo Babe.

This post was intended to make people very uncomfortable and give out too much information on my personal situations right now.

I decided I'd save that for later.

Maybe tomorrow. [I always hear the J5 song play in my head when I say that].

Instead. I'll leave this. It's mostly for me though.

Get dooowwnn, get doooowwwnnn, get ddooooooooowwwnnnn.

BTW, the title means more than just part of the song. Very relevant. Yep.

07 July 2010

Eff Dreaming.

Dreams suck.

You know why? Because of shit like what happened to me the other day.

It was the best dream I've had in a long time. It involved something I've been thinking about for years finally happening. THEN I woke up. I woke up happy as hell and in a great mood. That was until I realized that shit didn't really happen. Then I was kind of hurt. Like my mind gave me something I wanted then snatched it back by waking me up too early and for no reason. I just randomly woke up. Like "fuck your dream" No alarms, no people knocking, no loud talking.. just woke up. AND it was two hours too early.

Dreams are either good dreams that hurt your feeling by not being real or they're nightmares which are almost equally as wack.

...I want to have it again though. That'd be great.

05 July 2010


So I tend to call all of my friends assholes. A lot of them are. Mostly the males though. I also realized that I've seen starting a lot of my sentences lately with "So..."

Anyway, I'm about 75-80% sure that the asshole is me now. They all seem to get along extremely well with each other.

No threats of violence or anything.

But what good is a friend if you can't smack them one day and tell them you love them the next?