26 April 2008

Many people don't know this about me but...

I can really be an asshole.

The majority of the time its pretty much subtle but thats because I've learned to control it...a little.

Most of you that know me or have spoken to me think I am a nice person but that probably just means I like you...for now. I say all that to say this. I've created a whole other blog so that you get to see the other side of me. The only thing with that is there's about 2 post there right now and I'm not exactly sure if I want to continue it or not. I dont like everybody in my business but I do like honest opinions from people who have nothing to do with my situations.


Anywho, something hilarious happened today. I didn't actually see it but my ex/one of my bestfriends just called me and told me about it.

You know the ads where they tell kids to go out and play because of the ridiculous amount of obese kids they are these days? Well, he was driving down the street to go get me some BBQ boneless wings from KFC [those things are addictive] and he see's a fat kid outside....sitting on the porch with his gameboy.

That defeats the whole purpose but he told his parents huh..

Lastly, thanks to the people who commented on the post about me fucking up, lol. I may have been overreacting because I assumed something. But I had a conversation and everything seems okay. I'll explain that later...

Where's the champagne.. WE NEED CHAMPAGNE!

I'm gonna hate myself for posting this piece of shit later but this video [the late night BET version] just screamed "Where's the champagne!" when I saw it. Oh yeah, that's being added to the blog too.

I'm ashamed.

What's with the i-pod ad shots??

24 April 2008

And yet again...

I may have fucked up. The weird thing about this time though is that I wasnt trying to. And on top of that I'm actually worried about it. I kinda want this to not spiral downwards...atleast not as quickly as it did last time.

22 April 2008

Dont you know it goes on & on & on...

No, its not that song from Lamb Chop. Its not Erykah either. Its Kenna. Yep. I kinda love him. Anyway, since I dont want to change my Zune Shuffle just yet I just thought I'd let you guys know what songs were currently on the quicklist on my Zune. That pretty much means they get repeated ALOT.

There's no Lupe in this one because it would have ended up being mostly Lu so he's gonna get his own list. Okay so..
1. Kenna x Say Goodbye To Love.
2. The Pharcyde x She Said.
3. Aaliyah x Hot Like Fire.
4. A Tribe Called Quest x Find A Way.
5. Pharrell x Take It Off
6. Thom Yorke x The Eraser.
7. N.E.R.D. x Stay Together.
8. Wale x Freaks.
9. Feist x Inside & Out.
10. Outkast x Slum Beautiful.
11. Kanye West x Addiction.
12. UNKLE x Rabbit In Your Headlights.

Also, N.E.R.D.'s Everyone Nose, Wonderful Place & Am I High, Wale's Spectacular & W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. and Outkast's Movin Cool.

Thank you for your time.

17 April 2008

This might be one of those things that show my age.

I'm not no old head so I ain't trippin', lol.

You have GOT to remember this. This is more proof that cartoons these days suck.

My ex/one of my bestests showed me this the other day. Elmyra's flow is crazy! LMAO.

Why the rapper gotta be all humpin around like that though? I mean I'm just sayin'..

I finally saw that banned Boondocks episode. Good shit and TRUE shit. Go find it on YouTube. I read The Boondocks before there was even a mention of a tv show. But that's another story...

Oh yeah, I updated the Zune Shuffle. To the right. Check it out. Download em.

15 April 2008

Okay this is the last Wale post..

..at least for today. And before I go on..no..I'm not bragging..just reminiscing.

The title of this post will be...Memories. This'll be new to the blog also.

Wale once told me that he was going to be my favorite rapper. Really. I still have the MySpace message from that and that was like 2 years ago.

The funny thing is he was slightly right. I mean I still love Lupe with a passion so it goes Lupe then Wale naturally but it could change.

Hey you never know what can happen.

So yeah, this was back when Wale was just using MySpace as networking and getting his name out there I guess. He was surprised that I was a female from PG County that was up on Lu because this was also before Food & Liquor came out.

My headline on MySpace was "Cant see me like BIG on CMT" Good shit, lol.

Click here to read the first message. I might put up all of em..I mean that's if yall wanna see em.

I kinda went back and read the messages from back then and they still make me laugh.
I said all this to say I'm no Wale groupie. I love the mans music and what he's doing.

I've actually only seen him live once. It was like twice in one night at LOVE but I guess that still counts as once.

But yeah, I just kind of want to congratulate him on the success that he's had since then and pretty much let him know I appreciate him also (yeah he's added to the list) and I've been a fan since the first message and that he's pretty much got a fan for life..as does Lu.

Guess what...

I'm actually happy. Been that way for a while lately. Actually for about 2-3 weeks. That's a long time for me.

All that other time...bullshit!



Wale is still the shit.

That girl from the new Lupe video looks awfully familiar.

I'm about to sound real groupie like and say Lu looks good as hell in this video. How good can hell look though? But yeah..wouldn't you love to open you're door and see that on the other side...smile and all..

Okay that's the end of my groupie moment..moving on.

I'll be making changes again. Look for em.

Oh and I still didn't forget about my letter to Lupe. I might be sicing it but I do shit like that.

10 April 2008

So I've decided..

I'm impulsive, in denial, easily agitated, sarcastic and occasionally rude.

And you love it.

08 April 2008

04 April 2008

Raheem DeVaughn is on..


Raheem DeVaughn is on the Today Show this morning.

Wale next? Maybe?

03 April 2008

New To The Blog

Words of Wisdom.

Todays Words of Wisdom are brought to you by...

Three Stacks a.k.a. Andre 3000.

"You can plan a pretty picnic but you can't predict the weather". --Ms. Jackson.

Okay so...

I have a run in stockings I just bought two days ago. My toes are numb from wearing 4 1/2 inch heels for 11 hours. I have a donut on my car that will have to stay for another day possibly more because I work for the next 3-4. An ex of mine and I recently got back in contact and that actually seems to be going good for now. BUT somebody I was talking to for a while who I feel is/was trying to play me and thinks I dont know called me today after about two weeks to say he missed me. It took 2weeks and the realization that I wasnt calling you for you to call me. You couldnt have missed me that much. He may just be getting written off as a mistake Ive made in my life. I keep missing Lupe stuff. Did I mention my feet are killing me? Thats pretty much all I feel like filling in on.

Trust me, theres more.

01 April 2008

So umm I've added another person to the list.

The list is of people I greatly appreciate.

The only people on that list are Lupe Fiasco, Sean [of LupEND], ...a couple other people, and now KayCee. Yup.

She put up the links of the old..ancient..classic FNF Radio. Real shit.

I think I'm in love again.

And yeah..everything is better with the mixtape Lu.

I'll love him forever but old Lu is the greatest!

Her blog is here.

But again..Sean put me on.