18 February 2014

This shit is depressing.

I went back and read some of my old posts. Like from the beginning. Apparently, I thought everything was "thee shit." Not the but thee and just...ugh. I probably did the longest facepalm ever.

How many times have I come back?

I need to vent. And too many people I know in real life know about my tumblr.

01 January 2012

Things I'm over:

#214 People talking reckless when they're drunk.
#320 People getting drunk alone just because.
#126 People getting mad and acting like females by not mentioning the thing that made them angry.

05 October 2011


I think my dude is trying to get me to say I love him.

Yeah, I don't know about that.

He's convinced I do for some reason, lol.

I don't think I could do that yet. At least not right now. I do care about him a whole lot more than I expected and I MIGHT be a little attached now BUT it's gonna take a tad bit more time and effort.

01 September 2011


I haven't posted here in over a year.

I kinda miss this place. It makes me feel like...like...like how I felt 3 years ago.

I can't say one of those other markers people use like high school or whatever. I was working. I'm still working.

So anyway...I'm currently trying to figure out if I should get back to this or not. I think I'll keep it for when I want to say shit I can't say on tumblr. Like right now.

This joint needs a re-vamp ASAP though.

26 August 2010

I think I'd like me.

Seriously. I was listening to Tegan and Sara's song You Wouldn't Like Me earlier..

-sings- I feeel liiike I wouldn't like me if I meeet meeeeeee

So anyway, I was thinking at first.. I probably wouldn't like me if I met myself. I'm kind of an asshole who always looks at the negative sides of things too and I question everything. Aaannnd if I really like somebody I say and do stupid shit that has me facepalming when I think back to it and realize what I've done.

But then.. then I went and read some of my old post on here. Like from around... two summers ago maybe. I'd like THAT person. She was cool.

I wonder what happened.

You ever wondered what it was about you that made people like you?

I realized people laugh at stuff I say a lot. Not like.. laughing at me but I either don't like something or I have some smart ass comment. I don't even mean to do that sometimes but I find people waiting to see what I have to say about something.

Am I really THAT girl now? I'm not sure if I should laugh at that.

16 August 2010

Everybody Plays The Fool

Everybody has that one person who they'd do anything for.

Somebody that even if they say some fucked up shit to you you'd be like "he/she was just joking". Somebody that..even if both of you got with somebody else you'd be secretly waiting for them to break up with the other person. Somebody who's jokes always seem way funnier than everybody elses somehow. Somebody you'd give anything to.

Do anything for.

I have that. He doesn't have me though. Shame.

I don't even think he knows who he is anymore.

And when the music starts to play,
And your ability to reason is swept away,
Oh, heaven on earth is all you see;
You're out of touch with reality;