26 August 2010

I think I'd like me.

Seriously. I was listening to Tegan and Sara's song You Wouldn't Like Me earlier..

-sings- I feeel liiike I wouldn't like me if I meeet meeeeeee

So anyway, I was thinking at first.. I probably wouldn't like me if I met myself. I'm kind of an asshole who always looks at the negative sides of things too and I question everything. Aaannnd if I really like somebody I say and do stupid shit that has me facepalming when I think back to it and realize what I've done.

But then.. then I went and read some of my old post on here. Like from around... two summers ago maybe. I'd like THAT person. She was cool.

I wonder what happened.

You ever wondered what it was about you that made people like you?

I realized people laugh at stuff I say a lot. Not like.. laughing at me but I either don't like something or I have some smart ass comment. I don't even mean to do that sometimes but I find people waiting to see what I have to say about something.

Am I really THAT girl now? I'm not sure if I should laugh at that.

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