05 February 2009

25 Things You Could Care Less About.

I started my 25 things you didn't know about me list on Twitter. I decided not to finish there because I started to notice a theme. That's not what I was going for. That and I want to be able to explain more. Soooo....

1. I've lived in the same house, in the same room, my whole life. Now do you see why I want to move so bad? I actually still have a scarf I've had since I was like 4.

2. Most of the time, I don't think anything is done right unless I do it.

3. I have this problem where I'm hardly ever attracted to someone from the same place as me. If two people are exactly the same & one is from PG County and one is from Cali...I'm going for the Cali dude.

4. I have an addiction. One that is sexual in nature. My mindset as far as that goes is almost all male. Seriously, I think about it way more than dudes do. If I don't mention it that much it's probably because I don't want it to seem like that's all I think about. Even though it is.

5. I have issues telling people I love them. My sister just realized today I've never said that to her. I actually got nausea & dizzy when I had to say it to my grandmother once. Somebody can say it and all I'll say is "No you don't" Either that or that Heartbreak Kid scene where he just goes "Love, Love, Love"

6. I used to say I'd never get married. Now I say maybe. Even though I don't want to get married I say maybe because I have a fear of being old and alone.

7. People tell me I'm pretty/beautiful ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I see it sometimes I don't. Actually, that was a while ago. I always see it now. Every damn day lol.

8. I was a tomboy through most of my childhood. I think up until part of middle school. That's probably why I much rather prefer the company of males to females.

9. I lied to the people I've been with about how good they were in bed. Except one person. He's the only one who's actually good. I wait for it. I'd rather have good sex months between than to have bad sex on the regular. The only reason I probably kept going back is because of that addiction thing I mentioned earlier.

10. I have periods where I curse like a sailor. Maybe worse. Fuck it. I don't care. If you don't like it that's a personal problem.

11. I have a thing for tall dudes with glasses. e.g. Lu, my ex, the dude I wanted from work, my situationship... I don't know what it is.

12. I believe all men should know about cars, football, music & shoes other than Jordans. Things I care about? Cars, basketball, music, art, sex, food & shoes. Not necessarily in that order. Music is before cars.

13. I rarely give a fuck. Take that how you want to.

14. I was in school for graphic design. I'm actually really artsy/artistic. Just not on command.

15. I love sneakers. I just love heels more. I feel better in them. It's just sometimes hard to choose. That and most of mine you can't wear in the winter.

16. I have thee biggest birth mark ever. It covers one of my legs almost completely causing my legs to be two different colors.

17. I didn't wear shorts, skirts, or dresses until high school because of that. You can't keep me out of them now.

18. I think South Park is funnier than Family Guy.

19. I want to live in L.A. but only for like 3 months.

20. I used to want to be a production engineer. Bad. I thought about being a DJ too.. I'm too reserved for that though.

21. You probably won't know when I'm mad at you or cut you off until you're sitting around and realize I haven't talked to you in a month. If it gets to that point I'm beyond explaining to you why it happened.

22. I have an older sibling I've never met. I have no interest in meeting her now either.

23. I love lingerie. If you saw me in it you would to.

24. Michael from Good Times is my cousin. No bullshit. On my dad's side.

25. I will probably give you more useless information about me very soon.

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