01 March 2008

It's their anniversaaarrrryyyy! $140k Hot Wheels Car.

When I was younger I was a tomboy. I actually had a bunch of Hot Wheels cars too. Now that I think about it...I think that was the beginning of the passion I have for cars now.

Anyway, I think I had about 50 or so cars when I was younger. I couldn't begin to tell you where they are all now though.

Knowing my mother they are all long gone in the trash of the 90's along with my cabbage patch doll, and my mermaid doll I had that was black and sung an underwater song and who's fin changed color depending on the temperature of the water you put on it. Don't submerge it though or you risk being electrocuted by the battery pack and speaker in her crown...but I digress.

Hot wheels came out with a car encrusted in diamonds for their 40th anniversary.

It started out and $1. After they finished putting in the blue diamonds, ruby tail lights, and the black diamonds on the tires and under the hood of the white gold car..I guess that equals about 140k.

The case even has 40 white diamonds [for the 40th Anniversary, duh].

If only I was ridiculously rich....

Read more about it here.

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