02 March 2008

Before the "new new" comes...

The throwback. And why I will always be a closet O'Ryan fan.

LOL. I'm just kidding..I'm not a closet fan. I really like him. Have for years. I was actually disappointed when he came out under te same label as Omarion. It was kinda like he gave up on the trying to do it on his own thing. We all see how that worked out. I love the fact that he was chasing the dark girl in this.

He's coming back out again. This time as Sonnie Ocean. Hopefully it works this time. I'll kep my fingers crossed. LOL.

Here's one of his new songs.

Google him. And while you're at it Google Jhene. That girl has talent and she never got the credit she deserved either.

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Anonymous said...

Sonnie Ocean aka Oryan...his first album was the shyt...Jhene is dope as hell I LOVE THOSE GUYS!