25 May 2008

Quick question.

This question is for the females mostly because I know most dudes probably always feel that way but...have you ever felt like the dude you were with didnt have enough of a umm..'drive' for you? And there was no possibility he was gay..What'd you do about it? What would you do?

Guys can reverse the situation and answer this too.


Anonymous said...

i drive an 87' iroc camaro t-tops... and im goofy so i make things kinda laid back anyways, never really noticed a "lack of drive" ... lol

Anonymous said...

haha... whats the problem? you cant break 100 w/o the 4 banger screaming. haha. my bad, i take that back, lthat should be 80. :)

Anonymous said...

yea. when females don't seem that interested in you, you dont feel as interested in them. it is what it is