03 May 2008

You can be my cutty cutty buddy, fa sho...

So, I have a question. I was listening to my Zune and this song by Trillville & T-Pain [what song doesnt have T-Pain in it] came on called Cutty Buddy and I got to thinkin'... How do you guys feel about cutty buddies, friends with benefits, fuck friends, etc.

I know how I feel about the whole thing because...lets just say the conversation has come up more than once with me but anyway LET ME KNOW! The responses will determine whether or not I go into detail on my situation which is always more than it seems.

I'm not scared of people not agreeing with me & my situations I just want to know if its worth the effort of typing it out.

Just to get you started and so that you have an idea. ..the following songs evoke memories for me occasionally. Hopefully they do the same for you

N.E.R.D. x Brain
Trillville x Cutty Buddy f. T-Pain
Kanye West x Addiction
Wale x Freaks
Ginuwine x So Anxious
The Dream x Falsetto
504 Boyz x I Can Tell
Native Tongue x Buddy
Lady Saw x If Ya Cant Grind Good
Eazy E x I'd Rather Fuck You

Damn, I should make a mixtape of this for myself, lol.
I realize that some of these make me look more promiscuous than what I actually am. At the moment I dont give a fuck cuz I'm me. Thanks.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

The they would being sing your praise "hey mrs DJ." so get that tap out and the turntables ready

DiamondsR4eva said...

I think that if 2 people feel as though they both can handle being just friends with benefits then yes, that is he knows he's just the dick dealer and she knows she's just the dick receiver and that's where it begins and ends lol.

Good Luck with the situation though

Jadore.Tokeyo said...

i believe in fuck buddies. no strings, no attachments, no feelings. it's strickly fucking(no 'love making'), and when i wake up, i hope you're still not laying next to me.
i'm on the prowl for a 'bust it baby' since my situation turned sour!!!

GITD this thursday!!!! can't wait...

Eb the Celeb said...

Teedra moses has a joint called cut buddy... straight fire...

I dont think anything is wrong with having a cut buddy as long as both people have an agreement and dont let emotions get involved... that's the only way it can work...

you dont go on dates... you dont spend quality time... you give each other what you need in the bedroom and that is all.

Charles said...

Thats dangerous territory...cause then some people will get strong feelings and the other probably won't...and you're stuck in this strange situation.

Jai said...

I agree, I think its dangerous territory and you risk somebody really getting hurt. Butttt...at the same time I can understand the desire to want sex with no strings. Too bad they're inseperable.

SHE_UNIQUE said...

A mutual agreement is the best thing FLOWING! lol