23 May 2008

Traveling from Virginia to Cali bro...

...hitch hike a ride , ofand my calico

Okay not really. I'm listening to 'Bobby James' by N.E.R.D. right now so that's why I said that. I am tryin' to go to Cali though but I'd be traveling from good 'ol Maryland. Oh yeah, Bestest, we may have a problem as far as that goes. But on to the reason for this post...<><>Those of you that live in the DC, MD, VA area should try and make it out to the Art Whino show tonight at the new National Harbor. If you're an art person (and even if youre not) the artist there are great. It starts at 6 tonight I believe and last until midnight. There will be a DJ I would tell you who but I cant find the flier at the moment. Go to artwhino.com or ucartwhino.blogspot for more info. I'll be there so thats a good enough reason right there, lol.