03 April 2008

Okay so...

I have a run in stockings I just bought two days ago. My toes are numb from wearing 4 1/2 inch heels for 11 hours. I have a donut on my car that will have to stay for another day possibly more because I work for the next 3-4. An ex of mine and I recently got back in contact and that actually seems to be going good for now. BUT somebody I was talking to for a while who I feel is/was trying to play me and thinks I dont know called me today after about two weeks to say he missed me. It took 2weeks and the realization that I wasnt calling you for you to call me. You couldnt have missed me that much. He may just be getting written off as a mistake Ive made in my life. I keep missing Lupe stuff. Did I mention my feet are killing me? Thats pretty much all I feel like filling in on.

Trust me, theres more.

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