15 April 2008

Okay this is the last Wale post..

..at least for today. And before I go on..no..I'm not bragging..just reminiscing.

The title of this post will be...Memories. This'll be new to the blog also.

Wale once told me that he was going to be my favorite rapper. Really. I still have the MySpace message from that and that was like 2 years ago.

The funny thing is he was slightly right. I mean I still love Lupe with a passion so it goes Lupe then Wale naturally but it could change.

Hey you never know what can happen.

So yeah, this was back when Wale was just using MySpace as networking and getting his name out there I guess. He was surprised that I was a female from PG County that was up on Lu because this was also before Food & Liquor came out.

My headline on MySpace was "Cant see me like BIG on CMT" Good shit, lol.

Click here to read the first message. I might put up all of em..I mean that's if yall wanna see em.

I kinda went back and read the messages from back then and they still make me laugh.
I said all this to say I'm no Wale groupie. I love the mans music and what he's doing.

I've actually only seen him live once. It was like twice in one night at LOVE but I guess that still counts as once.

But yeah, I just kind of want to congratulate him on the success that he's had since then and pretty much let him know I appreciate him also (yeah he's added to the list) and I've been a fan since the first message and that he's pretty much got a fan for life..as does Lu.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Forgive me but I'm not familiar with Wales at all lol...not even a slight bit. From what I'm reading and by the videos that you have featured I'm thinking he's pretty cool...far as what he is. His music is decent, just being honest. I'm not sure if I'd neccessarly say, that he'd be considered as the next or compared to Fiasco at ALL. They both poses their own individual creativity and uniqueness. Bothes have has "creative moments" indeed. Also @ your "So I've decided" post...I love the confidence and the "I could careless, if you're not glad and worried about me being happy, when you need to just either get some business...deal with it, or you could just leave" Cool personality behind that post, tell it like it is :)

Canon Adonis said...

You obviously haven't heard C.Adonis rap... but you're gonna have to wait for the magic like everybody else

Canon <-your cyber autograph

JB-Kang said...

Wale is the truth!!! I'm loving this post!!