26 April 2008

Many people don't know this about me but...

I can really be an asshole.

The majority of the time its pretty much subtle but thats because I've learned to control it...a little.

Most of you that know me or have spoken to me think I am a nice person but that probably just means I like you...for now. I say all that to say this. I've created a whole other blog so that you get to see the other side of me. The only thing with that is there's about 2 post there right now and I'm not exactly sure if I want to continue it or not. I dont like everybody in my business but I do like honest opinions from people who have nothing to do with my situations.


Anywho, something hilarious happened today. I didn't actually see it but my ex/one of my bestfriends just called me and told me about it.

You know the ads where they tell kids to go out and play because of the ridiculous amount of obese kids they are these days? Well, he was driving down the street to go get me some BBQ boneless wings from KFC [those things are addictive] and he see's a fat kid outside....sitting on the porch with his gameboy.

That defeats the whole purpose but he told his parents huh..

Lastly, thanks to the people who commented on the post about me fucking up, lol. I may have been overreacting because I assumed something. But I had a conversation and everything seems okay. I'll explain that later...


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

lol glad it is ok and glad u like me....for now and i cant see u as an anal pore albeit ill take your word for it

Jadore.Tokeyo said...

i think we all have a little asshole in us. i can be very sarcastic sometimes. people tend to get offended sometimes...oh well!

anyway..i can so picture my little big brother sitting outside with his psp!

glad everything is okay

Charles said...

Hahahaha...its aiight being an ass sometimes, just don't make a living out of it like some do.