16 January 2008

Punk ass kids...

Okay so most people know that I've spent at the least $400 on Zunes because it was stolen and I had to buy it again and blah blah blah. So anyway, my sister was home by herself today and one of my brothers little 'friends' rung the door bell. She didn't answer of course so he kept ringing it for a little while and then went around to the back door and kicked it in..to steal some more shit. His ugly ass was the one who stole both of my Zunes [I forgot they were stolen twice but we got the second one back]. But to make a long story short..my sister caught his as coming in the back door..said a quick "what the fuck you think you doing?!' type thing and he got the fuck up outta here.

BUT because he got a big ass scar on his face the police caught his dumb ass in the next neighborhood over.

I've been having a stressful ass week.

But on a lighter note..I've been thinking about doing a blog just for Lupe videos..they seem to entertain me...a lot.

Yes because I am a fan. A FAN..not a groupie. There is a difference and a line between the two but that difference seems to be blurred because of the fact that I'm a female..

that was random but I have my reasons.

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