22 January 2008

6 Days, 18 Hours, 38 Minutes..

That's how long is left until The Show. The Lupe Fiasco Show. Yep. It's this Monday. At the moment I have two potential candidates for the extra ticket to the show. I'm sure it will be the best concert of that lucky persons life.

I haven't heard anything but goodness about Lupe's live shows. The only negative things I've heard actually are, "I would have loved to hear ___________ live" or "I wish he would have done some songs from his mixtapes". I mean that is how we all fell in love with him right? The mixtapes?

Oh, I have to buy a new camera by the end of the week. That and a new memory card for it. I want to make sure I can document the trip to Virginia with my friend and the concert. My current camera is some straight shit. LOL. That and I may have broken it.

Oh yeaahhhhh. I've decided that from now until the 6:59 p.m. the night of the 28th I will not be allowed to listen to any music by any other artist except for Lupe's. It'll help me sing along loud as hell and rap every word right with him..over the screams of the girls who don't really listen to his music but think he's cute.

You know the ones that only know the words to Superstar, Kick, Push, and maybe I Gotcha. Talk about a coincidence..I Gotcha just came on as I was typing that..

Question. Should I do a Lupe blog for the fun stuff and indirect news? I've been thinking about it and I might do it..

OMG I haven't been to Kanye's blog today. I'll finish this later.

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