19 January 2008

The mission.

Suze Orman is my idol. I think. I just wanted to get that out because I'm watching Oprah but annnyyywwaaayyyyzzzz...

I have a slight addiction. That addiction would be clothes. I'm still tryna find something to wear for the concert. For some reason I'm in love with this jacket

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So..Jaco & I's mission...okay it's not really Jaco's mission but damnit..he has something to do with it..in a way.

My mission is to open a site/blog/board for Lu. I'm thinking about making it a CRS type thing because I kinda love all of them. 'Ye was my first love. I was infatuated with P. You can say I'm...uhh. I love Lu. A hell of a lot. HUGE fan. Real fandom. Yep I made that up.

Did I mention I was slightly goofy?

I might just have it for Lu..the other two are kind of over my head right now. I'm planning on having the lyrics to Switch, ...And He Gets The Girl, Boss Playa, Twilight Zone, & McFly by Sunday.

Am I pushing it? Yes. But I can do that.

OH!. The Show is coming up. 9 Days 17 hours & 28 minutes to go.

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