22 February 2008

5 Things That Annoy The Hell Out of Me...

...at the moment.

1. People who hold up drive-thru lines for shit they clearly should have went inside for.
2. Sean Kingstons voice.
3. I may be attacked by some hoodrat/groupie/fanatic but...Lil Wayne. Yeah, I said it. Now, ...WHATAREUGONNADO?
4. People that say they're going to do something and then have 50 stupid [not good ones] excuses as to why they couldn't/didn't do it.
5. People who say they are and always have been fans of someone and you ask what their favorite song is and they go, "Uhhh...that one song...you know..." and then after 5 minutes of them trying to convince you they finally say, "[insert radio single currently out here]".

More to come later. I can assure you that.

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