27 February 2008

He's probably gonna get dicked on this one too..

Vote for Lupe as the best please. Thanks.

Actually. Vote for anybody but Lil' Wayne. I mean seriously.

Okay, I'm being biased. Vote based on how much TALENT and THOUGHT actually goes into the stuff the artist say/write.

I can not stress this next part enough.

Please, please, please! DO NOT vote based on image.

Please DO NOT vote based on wether or not you like how he dresses.

Please, do not vote based on things the artist may have said or acted in the past.

Please, do not vote for somebody because you think that's who your friends would vote for. If it helps, go listen to songs from everybody and then come back [no radio singles though].


- - - - - - - - - - -

And no...I did not do all of that just to tell you to vote for Lupe. I did all that to tell you to vote for anybody but Wayne. Thanks.

Hey, the other artist up there get dicked enough....no homo.

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