20 February 2008

Open Your Ears Volume One.

Okay. So I updated the Shuffle list.

It's Zune shuffle for obvious reasons. The new thing is though, that whenever I update the list I'll be posting the list here and also posting a line or lines from the song that I think make it worth listening to. Kind of like a sample. I'll be putting up links to download the songs later on also. You'll love the shuffle.

Here's the first one.

1. Wale x Nike Boots
DMV [District, Maryland, Virginia] so we used to the waitin/nobody seems to care, we so complacent with the vacancy/see, the love is gone with one another, it's hard/ nobody rep for the Skins [Redskins], they busy cheering them stars [Cowboys]/ it's ironic, it's the same for the artists/ rather than buy our songs, they busycheering the stars/ a lot of drama/ a lot of beef/ we have so much in common, starting at the feet/ Goadome Nikes, the cortazone of the poem writer/none like us, so none like us

2. Outkast x ?
"What can make a nigga want to fight a whole night club?/ Figure that he ought to maybe be a pimp simply cuz he dont like love"

3. Ice Cube x Steady Mobbin'
"Rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6"

4. Amy Winehouse x Me & Mr. Jones
"What kind of fuckery are we?/ Nowadays you don't mean dick to me (dick to me)/I might let you make it up to me (make it up)/Who's playing Saturday?"

5. The Five Heartbeats x A Heart Is A House For Love
"Is there a heart in the house tonight? Stand up!"

6. Mary Jane Girls x All Night Long
"Oh, something’s got me so delighted, baby/I see your face in everything I do/You got me shook up, shook down, shook out on your lovin’/And boy, there is just no way I’ll ever get over you"

7. The Pack x I'm Shinin'
"Got cheese, gotta watch out for rats/I'm bigger than the mice so I keep a mouse trap/ A lot of snakes in my hood, gotta keep a low grass"

8. Jay-Z x Allure ft. Pharrell
"But even the worse pain is the distress learning you're the mistress only after that love gets slain/ and the anger and the sorrow mixed up leads to mistrust, now it gets tough to ever love again"

9. Jill Scott x I'm Not Afraid
"I am not afraid to be your lady/I am not afraid to be your whore/I am not afraid to be your future/I am not afraid to be your soil/In which you plant your seed/Flowers they sprout from me/My fragrance in the breeze/You must nurture me please"

10. Lupe Fiasco x Tilted In Any Colour You Like
...all the ad-libs in this version...
"Bring my car around" ;; "You a soldier!"

11. Yung Joc x Hell Yeah
"Is that your life savings hanging 'round your neck? Hell yeah!"

12. Notorious B.I.G. x Notorious Thugz ft. Bone Thugs
"Spit your game, talk your shit/ grab yo gat call your click/ squeeze
your clip hit the right one/ pass that weed i got to light one/ all them
niggas i got to fight one/ all them hoes i got to like one/ our situation
is a tight one/ what you gonna do? fight or run?"

13. Erykah Badu x On & On
"If yo knowledge were yo wealth/Then it would be well earned" & "You rush into destruction/ 'Cuz you don't have nothing left/ The mothership can't save you/ So yo ass is gon' get left"

14. Lupe Fiasco x 1st & 15th is Back
"Ima chaser/ and niggas tryna take me off my paper/ like erasers/Let me put you on to somethin'/ all I got is the otha end for them/ and they brother men that wanna get it bubbled in/ its nothin" annnndddd... "Thought you had yourself a slipper/ Like Cinderella prince/ but instead you got a pimper/ that wasn't hesitant to help you limp like impotence jack"

15. Lupe Fiasco x Outty 5000
"Hes nuts with a cane, Planters Planters!/ Adjust my frames, tamper tamper!/ I'm real, they Seinfeld/ they ain't talking about nothin, George Costanza"

...and that right there is the eeeennnndddd of the shhoooowwwwww!

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