02 February 2008

*UPDATE* Jaco has been found!

I kind of forgot to mention that for like the last 50 post. He was in my room. It was kind of in a mess for a while because I was so busy. As my parents would say, it "looked like a tornado had been through it".

Jaco was actually with me at the Lupe concert. Not because I wanted Lu to see him. Just because wherever I go hheeeee goooeessss. Sorry I had to do that.

Sooo what's been goin on with me?

Oh, I quit that slave driving establishment they call Macy's. I'm gonna miss the discount on clothes but that my friends is what TJ Maxx, DSW & Marshalls are for.

I got me some dope ass Ralph Lauren jeans for like $30 from TJ Maxx the other day. from $165 thats some cool shit.

I got some Free People jeans from Macy's the other day though. They don't even sell them in the stores around here. I think somebody ordered em or returned em or something. I think this older lady didn't know the sizes. She was clearly a 30-31 maybe and the jeans are a 25. Yes. I'm that small.

...and you love it.

But I digressed grossly...

I quit because I was doing like 5934373239.6 million different things at Macy's and breaking my damn back and only getting $7.60. Ain't that some straight BULLSHIT!

My ringer for them actually was Kanye's Spaceship.

But yeah, they're builing a Gaylord Resort around here. A National Harbor. It's like a little city.

National Harbor is a 300-acre new urbanist mixed use waterfront development being built by the The Peterson Companies on the shores of the Potomac River in Prince Georges County, Maryland. The project will cost more than $2.1 billion. In addition to the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, it contains five new hotels, waterfront condos, offices, retail stores, nightspots, a marina, and a new location for the National Children's Museum.

-- Courtesy Wikipedia

I got the job on the spot when I went for the grand hire they were having. The Director of the retail part,a high up dude, ran after me to get me to offer me the position.

Yes. It's true. I'm just that good. For a small fee of $1 million I can show you how to do this son!

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