30 June 2008

I've been slippin'..

This is the longest I went without posting in a long while...

Part of that is because I got a new phone recently & because I haven't felt like getting on the computer when I get off work. I just go the new Samsung Instinct. That should mean I update more right? Well for some reason blogger doesn't work too well. Ain't that some bull...

So I guess I should update now huh.

Well this is actually my second Instinct phone the first one was stolen before I even got it but that's a long story I don't feel like getting into because it pisses me off every single time.

I got a PS3 and the special edition GTA 4 for $250 the other day [I refused to buy it previously]. The only problem is Niko doesn't fuckin run for longer than 3 damn seconds. I bought Grand Turismo 5 Prologue though so that's been keeping me busy.

I found out that I'm better at giving advice than taking it.

I X he didn't know what he wanted when I don't have a clue what I want my damn self. I'm chillin' right now BUT at the same time..it is 'nice to have somebody'. But do I want somebody to actually be with for a while or do I just want somebody to go out with and somebody who's house I can pop up over without an explanation. & somebody I can call and talk to for no reason with out having to worry bout some pressed ass female getting my # and grilling me...[yeah remind me to explain that one too]. Dunno.

I like him but I don't know if I like him because we have so much in common and I have fun with him or if it's the other side of me that tends to want things I feel like I can't or shouldn't have.

My mean ass manager supposedly got fired and an ex-coworker..excuse me an ex co-star of mine called her cell phone and left a voicemail asking how it felt to be fired. I thought that was hilarious. We're not even sure if that's what it was but supposedly she was leaving on a family emergency, then it went to she was on vacation, then she was suspended and now she's pursuing other things BUT was walked out by Safety Services/Security. Sure. They don't clear out your office while you're on vacation.

OH! I found out the benefit buddy actually was joking about the girlfriend thing and he actually needed it for the weekend after. Joke or no joke he got no room. He wouldn't have gotten it this weekend this weekend anyway because we were at 100% both days.

Brandi I uhh..if you were serious I would love to get a F&L back, lol. & hi KayCee, lol.

The crush is outta there. I wanna go see bestest soon. & I want to go to Busch Gardens. I also need a new car and to pay off my loan from Bowie State.



Stew said...

seems like you got a bunch going on. be sure not to get too stressed.

how do you like the phone? been seeing commercials. i am curious.

brandi said...

i was serious...send me your mailing info.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

wanting what u cant have means u covent him - not a good look

Anonymous said...

dudes you actually like have a tendency of popping up when you least expect it.

oh and i was joking about the girl to keep me in check lol. I just haven't been out that late for no reason in a while, and my friend was mad cause his girl called him all night long. granted, he shoulda picked up his phone but... yea maybe you're right haha.

BlaHHH said...

Try his ass out, but only be on the talking level. Dont actually get with him yet until you feel him out. That way it'll give you time 2c what your actually feeling! I feel like 2 that sometimes, & then its like damn, I dont really want you lol

Anonymous said...

hi K. Denise :)