18 June 2008

"Niggas got me FUCKED up out here"

DISCLAIMER :: I am venting. Excuse me.

I normally don't say shit like that but this nigga....

You can not be serious.

I know you're just my benefit buddy. I know I don't even talk to you on the regular. I know you like to hold conversations when there shouldn't be any talking. I know I don't tell you certain things [what would be the reason?]


You still got me fucked up if you think I'm gonna take time out of my day and actually make some kind of effort to get you a room at my job with my $350 discount for the weekend before I'm off for 3 days with your damn girl** and your friend & his girl. For a lil ass romantic vacation and shit at my inconvenience. You have lost your damn mind.

LOL. Seriously. Seriously. I pray you were joking since you do joke like that occasionally. Yeah, you were joking. I would have to think something was seriously wrong with you if you weren't.

I know I told you I missed you. I was lying. Me answering honestly would have fucked up the moment. But maybe I shouldn't do that. Maybe that thinking you got me soft or something and I'd just jump at the chance to hook you up. I may be small and shit but I ain't no pushover...


Not gonna happen.

You do realize you were possibly gonna get one until you told me that right?

You better have been joking. LOL. Fuck that.

On 2nd thought I probably should so I can like secretly laugh about how just yesterday...technically this morning...lol no.

You ever heard the song 'Boom! I Fucked Your Boyfriend'? Good shit.

I guess this is the part where people are shocked at me. One of the things that's gonna be in the list of the things you don't know about me is that I'm a spiteful person, I hold grudges [depending on the situation], I'm rude and umm...you already know I'm sarcastic and impulsive. I'll probably be explaining this post later but what can I say...I do me. I just know how to keep it to myself. There are certain things [not limited to this stuff] nobody will know about me.


NOTE: I would like to take this time out to apologize to the Bestest and Bri. I probably just embarrassed you the most lol. I love yall tho, lol.

** [I didn't know about her until today & no it probably wouldn't have changed anything but I don't like people keeping stuff from me at least be honest. Right?]

You're still my benefit buddy though...


Anonymous said...

tell em girl! hey! i just thought about something...im having guest bloggers on my blog...do u want to be one?

Andre said...

That is a "hell nah" moment for reals! LOL but you give a nigga a lil rope and he thinks he's a cowboy... I mean even though that's some out of the way shit to be askin, is dude even "puttin it down" like that to come out askin something like that?

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...


and chk this if u can blinded by the Obamafication of America

Anonymous said...

BWahahahahaha You and I eye to eye!!!

and why can't men just be straight up?? Regardless of the arrangement??? I mean is is so hard to speak the truth?? is not like a god damned trick question

neo.sol89 said...

hahaha ur perfectly fine.
its totally understandable,
id prolly react the same way

Goddess said...

Love d honesty ... lol. But homeboy was a lil trifling.

Stew said...


that is a funny situation.

nothing wrong with doing what you want. self preservation is the first law of nature.

$upreme Bean$ said...

I like how you keep it 100%.

I can relate with you on that tip.