12 June 2008

Ladies & Gentleman it is time for...

...The 1st Annual Worst Video/Song of the week.

This first nominee this week is Ying Yang Twins' with their song 'Drop'. They get credit for sampling The Pharcyde but thats about it. They look like somebodys embarrasing uncles that still think they're cool.

The second one is Three 6 Mafia's new song 'Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)'. Now I like Three 6 and Juicy J is the man but I kinda had enough of the whole computer voices and Lil Wayne fans have destroyed lollipops for me. I'll give them a pass on the song cuz they just suffer from bad timing. The video still qualifies though. As for the Ying Yang Twins...there is a way to do a good low budget video.

That was not one of them.


eclectik said...

I Was going to go with anything made by a southern rapper.
Or anything by the people you listed
Or anything by Lil Wayne


Anything played on BET

Lets go with your choices though lol



Andre said...

The last Three Six album I bought was Most Known Unknown, after that there's nothing I really wanna hear from them...

and Ying Yang's music should be like a signal that can only be interpeted by sound systems in clubs... cause anybody ridin' around listening to it should have thier tires slashed!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i agree, but hard to dis my homeboys lol

Pretty.Hip said...

I don't agree with the anything made by a southern rapper comment, but I'm just defending my turf lol! I haven't heard Three 6, but it sure sounds like a Wayne rip-off. Bad timing indeed.

DiamondsR4eva said...

I haven't heard/seen either one but I do knwo that Ying Yang twins are wack anyways post high school lol

Three Six...they fell off after Crunchy Black left IMO but I still fux with em

neo.sol89 said...

i have yet to hear both of those songs.

and no, u wouldve walked in with me so don't worry bout that :)