03 July 2008

Feelin' like Mary J today.

Okay so my "what the fuck" post was me getting some stuff off my chest kind of because I was out and I wanted to yell. I couldn't. So I just yelled over the internet.

That was the end of that.

So yeah. I have to get this out.

You know what I need right now. A summer fling.

I need somebody that has Lupe's swagger, Kanye's confidence, Pharrells...umm..youthfulness? chillness [is that a word?]...whatever it is that Pharrell has that makes me want a 30+ year old. I want somebody that's tatted too. Not no Lil Wayne "I get tattoos cuz I don't have shit else to do with my money & time" crazy lookin tattoos. I want somebody tatted in a Tyga kinda way. That lil dude is kinda cute. After all of that he has to love South Park and most of the shows on Adult Swim [especially Home Movies, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Samurai Champloo, Full Metal Alchemist, The Oblongs, & Boondocks]. He also has to understand that I can get 'weird/goofy' at times and be weird/goofy with me. He has to love nearly all types if music too. Lastly, if after a week he irritates me more than once some how none of that will matter and I won't care anymore. I need this person for at least the whole month of August

I think I'm asking for perfection. I know this will never happen. But a girl can dream.

Moving on...

I was thinking. We should all get together and have a hotel party so McLovin up there in Philly won't be so lonely...and so I'll have something to do.

Speaking of Philly. I was supposed to be going up there for the 4th but that's not happening now. I finally get a f'n holiday off when my cousin is having a block party and now I can't freaking go. Shit sucks.

Speaking of shit. I realized I've been cursing a hell of a lot lately. I only do it this much when I'm stressed. With stress comes exhaustion. With exhaustion comes me being highly irritable.

Soooo, I think I might be going to Busch Gardens on the 1st of August. I don't know yet. There's a story behind that one too but I don't want to get into it because I went and read what I've been posting about lately and I feel as if I look umm..boy crazy...I wish I could have found another way to put that.

You know what I don't like how I am right now. I normally don't give a fuck. I go and start talking to dudes and all this damn drama comes back into my life. I was listening to No Woman, No Cry earlier.

That makes all the sense in the world.

No Dude, No Drama.

....hence the title..get it?


Anonymous said...


Yeah, and girl I hope you find what you are looking for.

Hey you live across the way from me...come check me out ;)

Tay said...

I know what u mean about a summer fling. I need to start making a list of what I am looking for like you. I might have met someone though.....he might actually be stalking me at my job now that I think about it.....hmmm

Anonymous said...

you shoulda totally come up to philly! damn that's wack you can't come. and not to be weird, but i totally love Full Metal Alchemist, Boondocks, and all of Adult Swim, and i'm the only person i know with all 3 seasons of Home Movies on DVD lol. just information lol. im kinda drunk. a lil bit

Stew said...

what you know about that Full Metal Alchemist? that is such a good anime. i don't understand why they stopped making them.

nothing wrong with looking for perfection though. you deserve it.