05 July 2008

Oh. My. God.

Excuse the blasphemy.

Okay, so I just got asked if our store sold pajamas again. Be proud of me. I didnt kick them.

I did literally have to bite my tongue though.

I did realize that every time somebody ask me that dumb ass question its a male and it's one that was trying to randomly strike up a conversation with me.

For the record. If I sit by myself in a big ass cafeteria that means you should leave me the fuck alone and that I do not need company. It means I wanted to sit alone.

Oh, I like the crush again. He's cute again (see how quick that was?) BUT [because there is always a but] I can tell he's a flirt & that's not gonna work. Only because I think he flirts with this funny looking girl I work with that I think is allergic to everything and has heart problems and is lazy.

A bunch of dudes try to talk to her and I just don't see why. I've tried but not a damn thing about that girl is cute to me. She even smiles way too hard. It has to be because she's umm what do you wanna call it? Fair skinned? Okay.

I just don't like her too much because she lives up to the petite girl being fragile and needing somebody to help her with everything. I hate that shit. I work so hard to fight that stereotype and here SHE comes, lol.

I just had a Dru Hill moment. You know the part in 'I Should Be' where they go 'It might seem like I'm hating..yeah that part just played in my head.

I am in no way hating though because that would imply that I'm jealous of something and trust and believe there is no reason to be jealous on my part.

Anyway, he's a flirt..but he's a cute flirt so I guess if I wanted him too he could be my August fling. Maybe.

Maybe not.

X is outta there, though.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u can take it out on me this time lol

Breezy said...

you should of kicked them in there face deej....

Stew said...

being a flirt is not always a bad thing. for example if he flirts with a waitress while you are out at dinner, you can get free stuff.

i do it all the time.