03 July 2008

I have a problem.

So anybody that knows me knows I love tokidoki and I love Hello Kitty [see banner above].

So anybody with some sense would know to automatically buy me everything here.

Especially these.

I will love you forever.

*I just bought a Hello Kitty bookbag yesterday. I have a Hello Kitty comforter on my bed and a pillow case and countless other things. I have an addiction. Even if I know I don't need it I buy it. That is the only extra girlie thing about me. There lies my problem.


arychtexas said...

i think everybody got a brand or something that they jkust got to get all the time me its....RALPH LAUREN....boots, blazers, you name it imma get it! so i dig ya on dis one!

Anonymous said...

your in love with me? or the supras? lol

Stew said...

i always wonder why people like hello kitty so much.

Andre said...

i always wonder why people like hello kitty so much.

I kinda did too, but it's just so simple it's cool... I always thought it was a fad like yo-yos or tamagotchi... But it has endured

BlaHHH said...

Omgggg I loveeeee Hello Kitty! Why do we both have the comforter, backpack, & pillow case lol. I just got 1 the other day. I really love Chococat 2! I went all out 4 my dorm last semester with the Hello Kitty, it was like everywhere lol.

& I so feel you on the dude situation. Its like you would think you can find a koo dude that fits the description, but then they turn out 2b asses. I tried 2 tell myself I dont want a fling, but now I do lol. We need 2 have fun!


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

money cant be me love

the beetles

K. Denise said...

Torrance..I'm not asking for the money lol..

Anonymous said...

lol you stupid as hell. hey i couldn't pass up $5 pitchers at the bar! i mean c'mon... it was $5! lol.

Pretty.Hip said...

Man, I've loved Hello Kitty ever since I was a little girl! (I went to elementary school in Japan, so of course all of the little girls loved her in Tokyo)