17 July 2008


No really. We get a $3 credit everyday at my job so we never actually pay for lunch unless we go over.

Now, I know you're probably thinking that's not a lot of money for lunch but our food is like .50 for fries, .65 for a slice of pizza.

So guess how much this was...go 'head. Guess.

Oh yeah, that's some fancy (good ass) salmon with some kind of sauce stuff on it, lol.

Oh yeah, it was only $2. Drink included.

Soooo that equals $free.99 for me. I actually got mad one day because somebody used my card (i'd lost it before) and I had to pay 1.10 for my whole lunch.


Stew said...

i want a job where i can get free lunch.

where you work???

Anonymous said...

lol thats a work perk i guess.

and my shirt was only wrinkled because I slept at work and didn't have an iron.

neo.sol89 said...

with some sauce stuff on it?

wow lol

K. Denise said...

lol, shut up chris. I knew I shouldn't have said that with you being a chef and all lol.

I forgot what it was though.